June 9, 2020

Knock and Wine group has deeper purpose

By Cathleen Naeb
McKenzie County Farmer
Assistant Production Manager

There is a group of women, plus a couple men, in Watford City who are putting their own grown-up twist on the classic prank, Ding Dong Ditch.
“My goal is to be out of their driveway before they even open the door,” says Jennifer Sisson, the woman who created the Facebook group responsible for the shenanigans.
Sisson created McKenzie County Knock and Wine, a group where people post their favorite drinks and snacks, along with their address, and if they are lucky, those things will appear on their doorstep.
She had the idea after visiting her home state of Michigan and saw a similar group was started there.
She made a post to gauge interest in having a group for McKenzie County, because she didn’t want to start a group if there would only be a few members, and much to her delight, residents were more than willing.

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