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Johnson Corners Christian Academy gains new school administrator

Posted 7/25/17 (Tue)

Johnson Corners Christian Academy gains new school administrator

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

When Patsy Levang took over as interim administrator last August at Johnson Corners Christian Academy, she hoped that the search for a permanent administrator wouldn’t be long. A founding board member of the Christian private school, Levang has been invested in the school since its very beginning.
“I wanted the school to continue functioning seamlessly as we searched for new leadership,” said Levang. “So, I took over and had faith that the right person would become apparent.”
Relying heavily on prayer, Levang has kept her eyes and ears out to find the person that the school needed. One day, while chatting with Kira Combs, JCCA’s Kindergarten teacher, Levang had the prompting to ask about Combs’ husband David.
“The decision to go with David was confirmed to me many times,” said Levang. “He is the man for the hour. No other possibilities felt right.”

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