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Sheriff’s removal heads to full hearing

Posted 7/18/17 (Tue)

Sheriff’s removal heads to full hearing

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger’s full removal hearing began Monday  morning after the case’s special commissioner denied his motions to dismiss last Friday.
Special commissioner Karen Klein ruled Friday, denying defense attorney Michael Geiermann’s two motions to dismiss after he had supplemented them with depositions from former prosecutor William John O’Driscoll, Deputy Attorney General Troy Seibel and governor’s counsel Leslie Bakken Oliver regarding contact O’Driscoll had with the Governor’s Office in his withdrawal in April.
As she had not yet written the rulings, Klein said she couldn’t say why she denied the motions to dismiss. She also ruled to accept prosecutor Michael Mahoney’s amended complaint for removal.
Schwartzenberger’s full removal hearing was set for July 17-21, having been rescheduled three times since it convened in December; though in court Monday, attorneys indicated the hearing may wrap up Wednesday.

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