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Hanson resigns as county auditor

Posted 2/16/11 (Wed)

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

After less than a month in her position, Jodi L. Hanson tendered her resignation as the McKenzie County Auditor, effective for the term that would begin April 1, 2011.
Citing a growing concern that the position required a wider range of skills than she has and wanting to do what she felt was right for McKenzie County, Hanson made the decision to step down.
“It was a very difficult decision to make,” states Hanson.
In the recent county election, Hanson received 1,064 votes, winning a close race against Sarah A. Billing who received 956 votes.
The McKenzie County Board of Commissioners has accepted her resignation with much regret, but they wish her well.
Although she will not begin her term with the Auditor’s Office, Hanson has accepted a position with the McKenzie County Treasurer’s Office.
“Recognizing that the strengths she has brought to past county employment would be a valuable asset, Hanson has been transferred to a position that recently opened in the Treasurer’s Office,” says Frances Olson, McKenzie County auditor.
With Olson planning to retire after more than 20 years in office as the county auditor, a replacement is still needed.
“Regarding the appointment of the next McKenzie County Auditor, the Board of Commissioners will consider options and make a final decision at their March 1 meeting,” states Olson.
According to Olson, the commissioners have not determined an exact course of action for replacing Hanson and it is not yet known if the resignation will affect Olson’s retirement from the position or not.
“We will be exploring this over the next couple of weeks to determine the best course of action,” adds Olson. ”Obviously, this is a very unique situation and it will take time to determine a course of action.”
At this point the commissioners have not decided on an application process. But according to Olson, interested persons are certainly free to express interest to any of the commissioners.