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Police Dept. adds two new officers

Posted 2/16/11 (Wed)

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

With a growing number of residents, the Watford City City Council and the Watford City Chief of Police decided it was time to add another police officer to the department. At the same time, the department had a vacancy due to the loss of an officer who resigned to take a position at the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Department.
Thankfully, due to the addition of officer Dylan Bostie in January and Andrew Langowski in February, the department is once again at full staff.
Fresh from the police academy, both officers are excited about the great experience they will gain working in Watford City.
Bostie and his fiancee came to Watford City from Bemidji, Minn. He started with the department on Jan. 1, with the excitement of a recent graduate.
“I’ve wanted to be a police officer since high school,” says Bostie. “I thought it would be a fun career to pursue and I’m excited to be getting my start here in Watford City.”
When looking for a job, Bostie noticed positions available in Williston and Watford City, and although he thought they would both be good positions, he chose Watford City for its size and opportunities.
“I decided to come to Watford City because I felt that the smaller department would give me a chance to experience all aspects of police work,” adds Bostie. “I also liked the fact that there are many opportunities here for an outdoorsman. That was something that really attracted me to the area.”
Even though he is new to the police force, Bostie isn’t concerned that his inexperience will give him any problems.
“I feel that I am ready and able to go out and do my job,” adds Bostie. “But I know that if I have any questions or concerns, I have some great superior officers that are just a phone call away to help with whatever comes up.”
Even though he’s only been with the department for a little over a month, Bostie is no longer Watford City’s newest officer. That honor is held by Andrew Langowski from Minot, N.D. Langowski, also fresh from the academy, joined the Watford City Police Department on Feb. 2.
“I went into law enforcement because I like helping people,” says Langowski. “I like being proactive and helpful, and I could never imagine sitting behind a desk all day. I’m excited to start my career here in Watford City.”
Langowski and his wife chose Watford City because they felt that the small town was full of opportunities.
“I wanted to get into a department that would allow me to gain lots of experience and I felt that the Watford City Police Department could do that,” adds Langowski. “My wife and I like the fact that there is a lot to do here in Watford City. I think it will be a good fit for us.”
With two new officers on staff, the Watford City Police Department is once again at full staff, something that Watford City Police Chief Slade Herfindahl hopes to continue.