December 19, 2018

Working over the holiday

Working over the holiday

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

The Christmas holiday is a time to spend with family, but not for everyone. While the majority of businesses close for Christmas so that their employees can enjoy quality time with their families, there’s some lines of work that simply just can’t come to a halt just because it’s the big day.
The Good Shepherd Home, the long-term care facility of the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems, Inc., is a prime example of one area business that never closes.
And there’s one individual, Linda Perry, who has become the backbone of the nursing home’s kitchen staff every Christmas holiday that most of her fellow employees can remember.
It’s evident by the interchanging pack of staff members that frequent the kitchen area, something extra is amongst the facility.
As Perry casually tackles the daily duties of her job as a cook, the smile she wears is confirmation she belongs right where she’s at.

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