March 11, 2020

Getting every person counted in the census

Beginning Thursday, March 12, people living in McKenzie County can start to be counted in the 2020 Census. And according to Vawnita Best, Watford City Community Development director and a member of the McKenzie County 2020 Complete County Committee, getting every person who is living in Watford City and McKenzie County counted is critical in this census.
According to Best, beginning March 12, households in the county will receive an invitation, along with an ID number, to self-report to the Census Bureau either online or by phone.
“The invitations will be mailed to the physical address of the household and not to a post office box,” states Best. “For people who receive their mail at post office boxes, the census invitation/questionnaire will be physically delivered to the household starting later in March and into April.”
Best says that getting the most accurate count of the county’s population is important because those numbers drive how much money the county and local governments receive for educational programs, transportation enhancements, health and human services programs, to name just a few.

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