July 7, 2020

First International Bank & Trust expands its mineral services

First International Bank & Trust expands its mineral services

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

First International Bank & Trust (FIBT) has expanded its Mineral and Land Services department with the purchase of Krown Energy Group, proprietor of leading mineral management software, MineralTracker.
In addition to mineral management software and services, Krown Energy provides mineral appraisal and brokerage. This merger positions FIBT Mineral and Land Services as one of the most comprehensive mineral service providers in the country.
Watford City-based Krown Energy Group was founded by Joel Brown and Jeff Kummer to help mineral and non-operating owners take control of their oil and gas interests by partnering with them to unlock the full potential of their assets.
“Mineral rights ownership can be complicated. From the beginning, our goal at MineralTracker has been to make the most of those rights for our customers by simplifying the management process. That goal is realized in this merger,” states Joel Brown, MineralTracker partner who will transition to the role of Mineral Services Manager at FIBT. “Our extensive field experience compliments FIBT’s expertise, providing clients the peace of mind their assets are being managed holistically.”

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