April 12, 2022

Devlin shines as ‘Mayor For a Day’

Devlin shines as ‘Mayor For a Day’

By Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writer

Brocktyn Devlin was one of many of the Watford City third grade students to turn in his submission for what he would like to accomplish if he could be Watford City’s Mayor For a Day.
“We were out of town and I had him read the email and his jaw dropped,” exclaims his mother, Bethany, of his notification that he was selected. “He had a smile on his face pretty much the whole day.”
The Mayor For a Day program is a long standing third grade activity at the Watford City Elementary schools. All of the third graders submit their essays and Brocktyn won through a voting process.
“I would start my day by thanking all of the city employees for all their hard work and what they have done,” wrote Brocktyn.
While most children Brocktyn’s age don’t typically think about how to improve the workforce for their city, he does.
“The daycare is in need of more spots to help parents that need to work,” wrote Brocktyn

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