April 11, 2018

City approves sales tax cap removal language

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Watford City voters will be given the opportunity to decide whether or not they want to remove the city’s $25 cap on the city’s 1½ percent city sales tax in the upcoming June 12 city election.
During their meeting on Monday, April 2, the Watford City City Council approved final language for the ballot issue. The recommendation for the removal of the cap was earlier approved by Bethany Devlin, Gene Veeder, Doug Bolken, Greg Noll and Dan Kelly who served on a specially appointed Home Rule Charter committee.
“Removing the cap will help the city budget our revenue stream better,” stated Justin Voll, Watford City mayor. “If the $25 cap is removed, we won’t have to worry about someone coming back and asking for a refund.”

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