December 12, 2018

Arnegard to hold recall election of its mayor

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Arnegard voters will be headed back to the ballot box polls in March to elect a new mayor after a recall petition of Virginia Elliot was submitted to the city auditor’s office on Nov. 2.
According to Juelie Bancroft, city auditor, 18 Arnegard residents signed the petition calling for the recall of Elliot and that the recall was certified by her office on Nov. 30. The special election will be held on March 11.
Elliot, who had previously served 20-plus years on the Arnegard City Council and four years as its Mayor narrowly defeated Jeff Kindel, 34-31, in the city’s June election. At the time of last June’s election Kindel was seeking his second term as mayor after serving four years on the city council.
The five members of the recall sponsoring committee consisting of Margaret Hilbers, chairman, Sara Hilbers, Michael Redding, April Obenour and Helen Lane cited four reasons in their petition calling for the removal of Elliot.

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