April 5, 2023


By Scott Hennen
Host of “What’s On Your Mind?” Radio Show heard on KTGO-1090AM and KFYR-550AM
Co-owner of Flag Family Media and the McKenzie County Farmer

House Republicans have assigned their “Lower Energy Costs Act” as H.R.1. It means this legislation is their highest priority. That speaks volumes since they have a long list. Everything from border security, taming out-of-control spending, fighting inflation, strengthening the supply chain and detaching America from our dependence on China, reducing crime, defending our national security, improving our schools, and giving parents a voice (remember they called us domestic terrorists), confronting big tech and more. Did you know our life expectancy in the United States has decreased in the last two years, representing the biggest drop since 1943? Still, Democrats want a one-size-fits-all government approach from Washington that will only lead to rationed care and a downgrade in services. But despite that laundry list of action items, energy is Number 1. This bill is being fast-tracked and here’s what it will do according to Republicans in Congress:
1) Increase domestic energy production
2) Reform the permitting process for all industries
3) Reverse anti-energy policies advanced by the Biden Administration

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