April 11, 2023


By Patrice Bumstead
General Manager of McKenzie County Media LLC
Farmer Editor

There are times in life when something so unbelievable takes place that you find yourself in a position with more questions than answers. During those times, a person can feel a myriad of emotions simultaneously.
What I mean is, you catch yourself at any given moment feeling overwhelmed with anger, sadness, empathy, sympathy, guilt, devastation and confusion. Your brain seems to be set on repeat, and it is extremely difficult to re-center and focus your energy on being of service to others.
Recently, in our small corner of the world there has been an overwhelming amount of loss. In the last few weeks, the Bakken Community was jolted into shock, followed by anger and devastation after the loss of a young woman who tragically died from a gunshot wound, leaving behind two young children.
Four Williston teens, involved in two separate vehicle accidents, lost their lives in one evening, shaking an entire community to its core.
A family is mourning the loss of their two-day old daughter, and just over the weekend, a six-year-old little boy lost his life while riding his bicycle near his home.
I can’t explain tragedy, or why bad things happen to good people. But, what I can do is be thankful that these families, friends and loved ones who are in the midst of heartache have the Bakken Community surrounding each and every one of them.

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