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Wolves win Sakakawea Country Classic track meet

Posted 5/04/11 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Another week of cold, wet weather, with a snowstorm thrown in for good measure, has kept the Watford City varsity track teams mostly sidelined. But in the one meet, Hazen’s  Sakakawea Country Classic, in which the Wolves were able to compete last Tuesday, both the varsity boys and girls teams ran away with first place finishes.
The Watford City boys team scored 119½ points to win their division, while the girls team took first with 105 points.
This week, the Wolves will be hosting their first meet of the season on Thursday before hosting the Rotary Track Meet on Tuesday, May 10.
Sakakawea Country Classic Boys Division
“Going to a meet sure beats practice,” stated David Gumke, boys’ head coach, on the teams getting onto the track for only their second meet of the season. “The weather wasn’t great, but we got the meet in, and the kids handled it well.”
Tyler Flatland continues to have a good season for the Watford City boys team as he qualified for State in the 400 meter dash in a time of 52.09, as well as part of the 1,600 meter relay team along with Tyler Bates, Cole Rolfsrud and Curtis Lohse, that turned in a qualifying time of 3:36.16 at Hazen.
“We also have a couple of others that are close to qualifying,” states Gumke. “Tyler Bates is right on Flatland’s heels in the 400 meter dash, and Jason Shipman is close to qualifying in the 110 meter hurdles.”
Individual results were as follows:
3,200 meter relay:  Watford City (Curtis Lohse, Joseph Meuchel, Brandon Stoker, Dustin Kleppen), 6th, 9:44.81.
300 meter hurdles: Tyler Flatland, 1st, 41.05, (SQ); Jason Shipman, 3rd, 45.29; Reid Brown, 7th, 51.32.
100 meter dash: Tyler Bates, 1st, 11.74; Josh Johnson, 7th, 12.25; Guy Ross, 12.82; James Miller, 14.00.
800 meter relay: Watford City (Curtis Lohse, Jason Shipman, Brice Brenno, Tyler Bates), 1st, 1:39.03.
1,600 meter run: Dillon Smith, 5:32.57; Dustin Kleppen, 5:41.04.
400 meter relay:  Watford City (Josh Johnson, Jason Shipman, Brice Brenno, Cole Rolfsrud), 1st, 47.66.
400 meter dash:  Tyler Flatland, 1st, 52.09 (SQ); Tyler Bates, 2nd, 52.91; Cole Rolfsrud, 7th, 57.16; Guy Ross, 58.21; Dillon Smith, 1:01.78; James Miller, 1:08.41.
110 meter hurdles: Jason Shipman, 2nd, 16.35; Reid Brown, 6th, 20.25; Joseph Meuchel, 8th, 22.99.
800 meter run: Dillon Smith, 2:33.44; Dustin Kleppen, 2:34.01; Joseph Meuchel, 2:40.65.
200 meter dash: Tyler Flatland, 1st, 23.54; Josh Johnson, 4th, 24.64; Guy Ross, 10th, 25.74.
1,600 meter relay: Watford City (Curtis Lohse, Cole Rolfsrud, Tyler Bates, Tyler Flatland), 1st, 3:36.16 (SQ).
High Jump: Cole Rolfsrud, 6th, 5’2”.
Pole Vault: Josh Johnson, 4th, 9’6”; Guy Ross, 7th, 8’0”.
Sakakawea Country Classic Girls Division
“The girls keep impressing me more and more as we go,” stated Greg Brown, girls’ head coach on the Wolves’ first place  finish at the Sakakawea Country Classic. “This track season is starting to sound like delivering the mail; through rain, sleet or hail, we will run.”
At Hazen, Brown notes that he got outstanding performances from all of his athletes as all four relay teams placed. Marti Quale and Brianna Allex also placed in the hurdles.
“McKayla Haugeberg had another great day in the field events, qualifying for State in the javelin, while Abby Brown had her personal best by about two feet in the shot put,” stated Brown. “All in all, I think even with the amount of practices that we have had, our athletes are becoming more competitive and that will give us an edge at the end of the season.”
Individual results were as follows:
3,200 meter relay: Watford City (Jayme Johnson, Tara Loomer, Kara Wold, Kade Ross), 7th, 11:19.16.
300 meter hurdles: Marti Quale, 1st, 49.27; Brianna Allex, 4th, 50.71.
100 meter dash: Dani Bates, 2nd, 13.67; Uranna Bascom, 14.70.
800 meter relay: Watford City (Dani Bates, Jayme Johnson, Uranna Bascom, Peyton Martin), 5th, 1:55.90.
400 meter relay: Watford City (Peyton Martin, Jayme Johnson, Marti Quale, Dani Bates), 5th, 56.00.
400 meter dash: Kade Ross, 1:09.02; Uranna Bascom, 1:11.24; Tara Loomer, 1:18.23.
100 meter hurdles: Marti Quale, 2nd, 17.45; Brianna Allex, 3rd, 17.52.
800 meter run:  Kara Wold, 3:08.79.
200 meter dash: Kade Ross, 29.44; Uranna Bascom, 30.44; Hayley Moe, 31.44; Tara Loomer, 35.64; Amanda Mogen, 36.64.
1,600 meter relay: Watford City (Dani Bates, Marti Quale, Brianna Allex, Kade Ross), 2nd 4:27.89.
Long Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 6th, 15’2”.
High Jump: Hayley Moe, 4th, 4’7”.
Triple Jump:  McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 31’9.75”; Brianna Allex, 5th, 29’8”.
Pole Vault:  McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 9’6” (SQ); Fallon Fladeland, 6th, 7’0”.
Shot Put: Abby Brown, 4th, 30’8”.
Javelin: McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 115’3” (SQ).