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Wolves win Northwest Conference Indoor Track Meet

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

While the weather so far this spring hasn’t been all that conducive for track, the Watford City track teams opened their 2013 season with first place finishes at the Northwest Conference Indoor Track Meet last Thursday in Minot.
In the girls division, the Wolves garnered 157 points to win the meet, while Surrey came in second with 89 points and Parshall took third with 45 points. The Watford City boys team rolled up 113 points to take first place, while Stanley-Powers Lake took second with 92 points. Other teams placing in the boys division were: 3. New Town, 86; 4. DesLacs/Burlington-Lewis & Clark, 64; 5. Williams County, 40; 6. Parshall, 32; 7. Garrison-Max, 23; 8. Surrey, 21; 9. Bishop Ryan, 12; 10. Glenburn, 8; 11. Trenton-Trinity Christian, 7; 12. Mohall-Landsford-Sherwood, 0; 13. White Shield, 0.
“I was very impressed with how the girls competed on Thursday,” stated Greg Brown, girls’ head coach. “We took many athletes because they have been working extremely hard in practice. There are not enough adjectives to explain how happy I was on Thursday. Our team is working extremely hard in practice day in and day out and came prepared to compete. The idea is to now continue to build on that success and see what happens.”
Placing in first place for the Watford City girls team was Lea Arndt in the 400 meter dash, Asha Smith in the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs, and McKayla Haugeberg in the high jump and pole vault. In the boys division, placing in first was Brandon Stoker in the long jump and the boys 3,200 meter relay team of Dustin Kleppen, Bradly Wilson, Guy Ross and Dillon Smith.
“We had a good start to our season with the boys that had enough practices to go,” stated David Gumke, boys head coach. “We saw some exciting things from our young kids as well as some good leadership from the upperclassman.”
Gumke was also impressed with how well the girls and boys pole vaulters did at their first outing of the season considering they haven’t been able to practice in the outdoor pit.
Northwest Conference Indoor Meet
Girls Division

200 meter dash: Ricki Lindley, 3rd, 29.22; Lea Arndt, 5th, 29.88; Uranna Bascom, 6th, 30.38; Kennidy Chapin, 7th, 30.65.
400 meter dash: Lea Arndt, 1st, 1:07.65; Brittany Sandvik, 5th, 1:13.47; Kennidy Chapin, 6th, 1:13.83; Avery Sundeen, 7th, 1:15.45; Morgan Rolfsrud, 8th, 1:15.51.
800 meter run: Katie Mogen, 5th, 2:58.58; Brittany Sandvik, 6th, 2:59.14.
1,600 meter run: Asha Smith, 1st, 5:33.69; Addison Sundeen, 4th, 6:26.63.
3,200 meter run: Asha Smith, 1st, 12:28.21; Kara Wold, 4th, 14:39.50;  Tara Loomer, 5th, 14:40.41.
Long Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 2nd, 15’7.75”; Ricki Lindley, 3rd, 15’6.25”; Kara Langerud, 7th, 15’2”.
Triple Jump: ReiAnn Lindley, 2nd, 29’11.75”.
High Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 4’7”; Katie Mogen, 8th, 3’9”.
Pole Vault: McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 9’6”; Mikka Haugeberg, 2nd, 5’0”.
Shot Put: Abby Brown, 7th, 30’3.75”.
3,200 meter relay: Watford City (Addison Sundeen, Jessica Brown, Kara Wold, Tara Loomer), 3rd, 12:00.14.
55 meter hurdles: Bridget Allex, 4th, 10.65; Bailey Moen, 5th, 10.77.
55 meter dash: Kara Langerud, 4th, 7.84.
4x1 lap relay: Watford City (Kara Langerud, Uranna Bascom, Bridget Allex, Ricki Lindley), 4th, 1:34.07.
Northwest Conference Indoor Meet
Boys Division

55 meter hurdles: Reid Brown, 2nd, 9.58.
400 meter dash: Cole Rolfsrud, 2nd, 60.0.
800 meter run: Guy Ross, 2nd, 2:19.08; Logan Gumke, 7th, 2:33.50.
1,600 meter run: Michael Brown, 6th, 5:38.84
3,200 meter run: Braedon Gumke, 5th, 12:29.38; Michael Brown,  6th, 12:48.08.
Long Jump: Brandon Stoker, 1st, 18’5”; Bradly Wilson, 2nd, 18’1.75”;  Dillon Smith, 3rd, 17’8.25”.
Triple Jump: Brandon Stoker, 2nd, 39’6.5”; Justin Schwartzenberger, 6th, 32’ 7.5”.
Pole Vault: Logan Gumke, 2nd, 10’0”; Justin Schwartzenberger, 3rd, 8’6”.
Shot Put: Andrew Sampsel, 7th, 39’7”.
1,600 meter relay: Watford City (Brandon Stoker, Cole Rolfsrud, Dillon Smith, Guy Ross), 2nd, 3:53.78.
4x1 lap relay: Watford City (Brandon Stoker, Dustin Kleppen, Reid Brown, Bradly Wilson), 2nd, 1:23.00.
3,200 meter relay: Watford City (Dustin Kleppen, Bradly Wilson, Guy Ross, Dillon Smith), 1st, 10:20.56.
The Wolves will open their outdoor season on Tuesday, April 9 when they compete in Hazen at 2:30 p.m.