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Wolves take third at Region 8 Volleyball Tourney

Posted 11/20/13 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

It wasn’t the way that Nancy Deutsch and the Watford City varsity volleyball team wanted their season to end. But after falling to Stanley in the Region 8 semifinals on Tuesday, the Wolves captured third place in a wild match against the Divide County Maroons on Thursday.
Watford City, which entered the Region Tournament as the District 15 Champions, picked up a first round over Burke County before falling victim to the Stanley Blue Jays, who went on to win the regional championship.
The battle for third place pitted the Wolves against the Divide County Maroons, who had defeated Watford City twice earlier in the season.
Watford City ended its season with a 9-8 dual record and a 16-17 overall record.

Region 8 First Round
Watford City 3, Burke County 0

Everything went Watford City’s way in the first round action of the Region 8 Tournament on Monday, Nov. 11, as the Wolves overpowered the Burke County Titans in three quick games, 25-12, 25-9, and 25-17.
The Wolves had 14 service aces and 29 kills in the match with Bailee Garmann leading Watford City with five aces, while Ricki Lindley had eight kills. Defensively, Kara Langerud had one block and Amanda Mogen had 15 digs.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: Bailee Garmann, 5; Tori Hopkins, 3; Amanda Mogen, 3; Kara Langerud, 1; Tarynn Jacobson, 1; Jordan Sparby, 1.  
Kills: Ricki Lindley, 8; Mogen, 6;  Tessa Dwyer, 6; Langerud, 5; Jacobson, 2; Hopkins, 1; Lea Arndt, 1.
Assists: Hopkins, 19; Tarynn Jacobson, 4; Langerud, 2.
Blocks: Langerud, 1.
Digs: Mogen, 15; Garmann, 10; Jacobson, 9; Langerud, 7; Dwyer, 5; Lindley, 2.

Region 8 Semifinals
Stanley 3, Watford City 0

Stanley short-circuited Watford City’s hopes of making it to the State Class B Volleyball Tournament as the Blue Jays swept the Wolves in three quick games, 25-8, 25-16, and 25-14, in the Region 8 semifinals on Tuesday evening.
The Wolves never got their game going offensively as Watford City only had three service aces and 11 kills against the Blue Jays. Kara Langerud led the Wolves with two service aces, while Amanda Mogen had four kills.
Defensively, Watford City struggled against a very hard-hitting Stanley squad with Ricki Lindley picking up the Wolves’ lone block at the net, while Mogen and Tarynn Jacobson ended the night with seven digs each.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: Kara Langerud, 2; Tessa Dwyer, 1.
Kills: Amanda Mogen, 4; Ricki Lindley, 3; Langerud, 2; Dwyer, 2.
Assists: Hopkins, 5; Tarynn Jacobson, 3.
Blocks: Lindley, 1.
Digs: Mogen, 7; Jacobson, 7; Dwyer, 6;  Hopkins, 5; Langerud, 3; Lindley, 2; Bailee Garmann, 1; Addison Sundeen, 1 .

Region 8 Third Place
Watford City 3, Divide County 2

After falling to Divide County twice earlier in the season, Watford City knew they had their hands full as the Wolves took on the Maroons for third place in the Region 8 Tournament on Thursday.
And with the Maroons blowing the Wolves off the court with a 25-8 win in the first game of the match, it looked like it would be a repeat of their earlier outings.
But Watford City was able to regroup, taking the second and third games by scores of 25-19 and 25-22, respectively.
The Maroons then won the fourth game, 25-20, with the Wolves coming back to win the fifth, and deciding game, 15-11.
“We started out slow for the third place match,” stated Nancy Deutsch, Wolves’ head coach. “The players were told that only 12 teams in the state, at the end of their season, will end up winners. And those are the eight  teams in the region that take third, as well as the teams at State that take first, third, fifth and seventh. We wanted to end up the winner last night. It took five sets and we did it.”
The Wolves had 10 services aces in the match along with 32 kills, 28 assists, seven blocks and 80 digs. Tori Hopkins and Bailee Garmann led the Wolves with three service aces each, while Amanda Mogen had 13 kills and 17 digs. Tori Hopkins led the Wolves with 22 assists, while Ricki Lindley had three blocks.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Service Aces: Tori Hopkins, 3; Bailee Garmann, 3; Tessa Dwyer, 2;  Kara Langerud, 1; Elise Hadley, 1.
Kills: Amanda Mogen, 13; Hopkins, 5; Dwyer, 5; Ricki Lindley, 4; Kara Langerud, 2; Hadley, 2; Tarynn Jacobson, 1.
Assists: Hopkins, 22; Langerud, 3; Jacobson, 3.
Blocks: Lindley, 3; Langerud, 2; Jacobson, 1; Dwyer, 1.
Digs: Mogen, 17; Jacobson, 16; Bailee Garmann, 14; Hopkins, 12; Dwyer, 10; Langerud, 6; Lindley, 2; Hadley, 2; Addison Sundeen, 1.