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Wolves split in volleyball action

Posted 9/21/11 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

After running up a 3-0 record, Watford City’s varsity volleyball team ran into some stiffer competition this past week as they took on New England and Beulah. The Wolves edged New England, 3-2, on Tuesday and then fell to Beulah, 3-1.
And for the Wolves, their schedule this week isn’t going to include any powder puff games either as they compete in the Dickinson Tournament this weekend before hosting Stanley on Tuesday.

Watford City 3, New England 2
In what was the Wolves’ best match of the season, Watford City battled back from a 1-2 deficit to defeat the Tigers, 3-2, last Tuesday.
The Wolves won the first game with ease, out-scoring the Tigers, 25-12. But New England would take the next two games by scores of 25-18 and 25-23 to force the match into a five-game series.
The Wolves were able to regroup to take the fourth game, 25-12, and then won the fifth game, 15-7, to take the win.
McKayla Haugeberg led the Wolves with nine service aces and 16 digs, while Charlie Hystad had 11 kills.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: McKayla Haugeberg, 9; Charlie Hystad, 5; Amanda Mogen, 3; Tori Hopkins, 3; Brianna Allex, 1; Jessica Brown, 1.
Kills: Hystad, 11; Haugeberg, 7; Brown, 7; Allex, 6; Mogen, 4.
Assists: Tori Hopkins, 28; Brown, 1; Mogen, 1.
Blocks:  Allex, 1; Brown, 1.
Digs: Haugeberg, 16; Mogen, 10; Hystad, 9; Allex, 7; Hopkins, 6; Brown, 5; Bessie Schmitz, 3.

Beulah 3, Watford City 1

Watford City’s season record dropped to 4-1 in dual action and 6-3-2 overall on Thursday evening as the Wolves fell to Beulah in a very competitive match.
While Beulah may have emerged on top, the Wolves challenged the Miners on every point. Watford City won the first game of the match, 25-23, with Beulah coming back to win the next three games 25-23, 25-7 and 25-23.
McKayla Haugeberg had a breakout night for the Wolves as she led the team with six service aces, 15 kills, and 20 digs.
Individual statistics for Watford City from the match were as follows:
Aces: McKayla Haugeberg, 6; Charlie Hystad, 2; Amanda Mogen, 2.
Kills: Haugeberg, 15; Allex, 8; Hystad, 7; Mogen, 3; Tori Hopkins, 1.
Assists: Hopkins, 27; Haugeberg, 1; Mogen, 1.
Blocks:  Jessica Brown, 5; Mogen, 2; Allex, 1.
Digs: Haugeberg, 20; Allex, 15; Hopkins, 13; Hystad, 11; Tessa Dwyer, 9; Mogen, 8; Brown, 1.