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Wolves have three wrestlers in top spot in Region IV poll

Posted 12/04/13 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Three Watford City wrestlers have been tabbed as early season favorites in the first Region IV Coaches Poll of the 2013-2014 wrestling season.
Dakota Garmann, 113 pounds, Logan Gumke, 126 pounds, and Keegan Thompson, 170 pounds, were each voted as the No. 1-ranked wrestler in their respective weight classes by the head coaches who make up Region IV. Region IV consists of Watford City, Hettinger/Scranton, Beulah/Hazen, Bowman/Beach, Killdeer, New Salem/Almont, and Standing Rock.
In addition to the three top-ranked wrestlers, the Wolves also had seven other wrestlers ranked in the top four of the poll. Earning a second place ranking was Coleton Jore, 145 pounds, while being ranked in third was Jade Hepper, 120 pounds, Hunter Olson, 182 pounds, Logan Fettig, 195 pounds,  and Jake Belland, 285 pounds. Watford City wrestlers ranked in fourth in the poll were Clay Jorgenson, 138 pounds, and Dakota Neether, 160 pounds.
Region IV will host its state qualifying event in New Salem on Feb. 8 where any wrestlers placing fourth or higher in the Regional Tournament will qualify for the Class B State Tournament, which will be held the following weekend at the Bismarck Civic Center.
The Wolves varsity wrestlers will get their first real taste of regional competition as they travel to New Salem for a triangular dual event with Regional foe New Salem, as well as Napoleon, a non-regional opponent and traditional Class B wrestling power from Region 1. The Wolves round out their week of competition with the Velva Invitational Tournament on Saturday. While Watford City will be the only Region 4 team in this 12-team event, it will also feature a pair of teams from Region 2 and all nine teams from Region 3.  
Class B Region IV
Coaches Poll
106 Pounds: 1. Jeremy Leintz, Beulah/Hazen; 2. Seth Johnson, New Salem/Almont; 3. Cale Schelesky, Hettinger/Scranton; 4. Matt Hildebrandt, Bowman County
113 Pounds: 1. Dakota Garmann, Watford City; 2. Tyler Longland, Bowman County; 3. Aric Spratta, Hettinger/Scranton; 4. Daniel Partin, Killdeer
120 Pounds: 1. Chauncey Hughes, Hettinger/Scranton; 2. Matt Carlson, Bowman County; 3. Jade Hepper, Watford City; 4. Zach Binstock, Killdeer
126 Pounds: 1. Logan Gumke, Watford City; 2. Alec Andress, Hettinger; 3. Cole Dukart, Killdeer; 4. Connor Roll, New Salem/Almont
132 Pounds: 1. Tanner Rohde, Killdeer; 2. Tyrell Mellmer, Beulah/Hazen; 3. Brenden Harrison, Standing Rock; 4. Kilo Bowen, Hettinger/Scranton
138 Pounds: 1. Cullen Seeger, New Salem/Almont; 2. Josh Snyder, Beulah/Hazen; 3. Trevor Abrahamson, Hettinger/Scranton; 4. Clay Jorgenson, Watford City
145 Pounds: 1. Derek Tabor, Killdeer; 2. Coleton Jore, Watford City; 3. Curtis Summers, Bowman County; 4. Logan Lachowitzer, Hettinger/Scranton
152 Pounds: 1. Christian Hughes, Hettinger/Scranton; 2. Troy Steele, Bowman County; 3. Ty Horning, Beulah/Hazen; 4. Dane Larson, Killdeer
160 Pounds: 1. Dillon Jepson, Killdeer; 2. Scott Weinand, Beulah/Hazen; 3. Sterling Lee, Bowman County; 4. Dakota Neether, Watford City
170 Pounds: 1. Keegan Thompson, Watford City; 2. Michael Longland, Bowman County; 3. Daniel Arthur, Killdeer; 4. Jacob Schalesky, Hettinger/Scranton
182 Pounds: 1. Denby Lueck, Hettinger/Scranton; 2. Coleton Turner, Killdeer; 3. Hunter Olson, Watford City; 4. Justice Roundy, Beulah/Hazen
195 Pounds: 1. Evan Mellmer, Beulah/Hazen; 2. Colbey Steeke, Hettinger/Scranton; 3. Logan Fettig, Watford City.
220 Pounds: 1. Jacob Hildebrandt, Bowman County; 2. David Dukart, Killdeer; 3. Isaac Ripplinger, Beulah/Hazen; 4. Kevin Sandgren, Hettinger/Scranton
285 Pounds: 1. Brandon Ehlers, Hettinger/Scranton; 2. Mac Stuber, Bowman County; 3. Jake Belland, Watford City; 4. Jade Standing Bear, Standing Rock