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Watford sweeps Region 7 Track Meet

Posted 5/20/09 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

 Watford City made it a clean sweep at the Region 7 Track Meet on Saturday as both the boys and girls team ran away from the competition to emerge as regional champions.
The Wolves’ boys team rolled up 201 points to win the boys title while the girls team scored 200 points to repeat as the regional champs.
Watford City will be sending 26 athletes to compete in the State Class B Track and Field Meet in Bismarck this Friday and Saturday. In addition to the athletes that had already qualified for the State Meet during the season, the top two place finishers in individual events or in the relays at the regional meet also qualified to advance to State.
Taking first place at the regional meet for the boys team was Jason Shipman in the 110 meter hurdles with a time of 16.10, while the boys 400, 800 and 1,600 meter relay teams placed first with times of 46.61, 1:37.27 and 3:42.35, respectively. Also placing in first for the Wolves was Nolan Kalberer in the pole vault with a leap of 10 feet.
Placing in second place for the boys team was Adam Brenna in the 400 meter dash with a time of 52.78, Tyler Flatland in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 42.18, Watford City’s 3,200 meter relay team with a time of 9:09.43, Chans Brown in the pole vault with a leap of 9’6”, Justin Flatland in the shot put with a throw of 43’6”, and Nolan Swenson in the discus with a throw of 123’4”.
“The boys had a fantastic day as they placed in every event during the day and won the 400, 800 and 1600  meter relays and finished second in the 3200 relay,” stated Dave Dougherty, boys’ head coach. “Our balance and depth really paid off in this region meet and we were able to qualify 16 athletes for the state meet. We have really good team balance as we had boys from the 8th grade through seniors qualify.”
Placing in first place at regions for the Wolves’ girls team was Stephanie Deutsch in the 1,600 meter run with a time of 5:33.45, Sibee Jokeal in the 3,200 meter run with a time of 12:16.64. and the 800, 1,600 and 3,200 meter relay teams with times of 1:48.51, 4:13.83, and 10:14.49, respectively. Also placing in first place for the Watford City girls team was Kade Ross in the long jump with a leap of 15’2” and McKayla Haugeberg in the pole vault with a leap of 8’.
Placing in second place for the girls team was Region 7 Senior Athlete of the Year Kara Johnsrud in the 400 meter run with a time of 1:01.51, Stephanie Deutsch in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:26.90, Marti Quale in the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 16.89, Brianna Allex in the 300 meter hurdles with a time of 52.03, Peyton Martin in the pole vault with a leap of 6’6”, and Haugeberg in the triple jump with a leap of 29’3”.
“The girls ran great all week long,” stated Greg Brown, girls’ head coach. “We had nice days to qualify our athletes in the different events that they competed in. I feel that as hard as the girls have worked all seasons, we will see good things happening at the State Meet this weekend.”
Going into the State Track Meet, the Watford City boys 3,200 meter relay team has the fastest qualifying time in Class B with a time of 8:20.98, while the Wolves’ girls 800 and 1,600 meter relay teams also have clocked the fastest qualifying times in Class B turning in performances of 1:48.84 and 4:07.44, respectively.

Region 7 Track Meet
Saturday, May 16
Boys Division

Team totals: 1. Watford City 201, 2. Williams County 146, 3. Divide County 81, 4. Parshall 69, 5. Stanley-Powers Lake 60, 6. New Town 60, 7. Lewis and Clark 33, 8. Trenton-Trinity Christian 28, 9. Burke County 18, 10. Ft. Berthold 14.
Watford City individual results:
100 m dash: Josh Johnson, 8th, 11,87; Cash Johnson, 12.05; Nolan Kalberer, 12.27; Daniel Tank, 12.45; Cole Rolfsrud, no time.
200 m dash: Adam Brenna, 5th, 23.83; Tyler Bates, 24.92; Nolan Kalberer, 26.20; Daniel Tank, 26.41; Josh Johnson, no time.
400 m dash: Adam Brenna, 2nd, 52.78; Greg Skurupey, 4th, 54.31; Cole Rolfsrud, 58.94; Daniel Tank, 1:01.00; Brandon Stoker, no time.
800 m run: Greg Skurupey, 3rd, 2:04.57; Sterling Ross, 4th, 2:07.21; Austin Garmann, no time.
1,600 m run: Casey Jore, 3rd, 4:37.69.
3,200 m run: Casey Jore, 3rd, 10:36.31; Davis Zubke, no time; Curtis Lohse, no time.
110 m hurdles: Jason Shipman, 1st, 16.10; Tyler Flatland, 5th, 17.70; Shawn Fulwider, 6th, 18.57; Austin Garmann, 7th, 20.65; Reid Brown, 8th, 21.83.
300 m hurdles: Tyler Flatland, 2nd, 42.18; Shawn Fulwider, 4th, 44.88; Jason Shipman, 5th, 45.13; Austin Garmann, 7th, 50.80; Reid Brown, 8th, 56.19.
400 m relay: Watford City (Cash Johnson, Tyler Bates, Brady Lund, Josh Johnson), 1st, 46.61.
800 m relay: Watford City (Brady Lund, Jason Shipman, Sterling Ross, Tyler Flatland), 1st, 1:37.27.
1,600 m relay: Watford City (Adam Brenna, Tyler Bates, Josh Johnson, Greg Skurupey), 1st, 3:42.35.
3,200 m relay: Watford City (Adam Brenna, Sterling Ross, Curtis Lohse, Davis Zubke), 2nd, 9:09.43.
High Jump:  Greg Skurupey, 3rd, 5’8”; Tyler Flatland, 6th, 5’6”; Cole Rolfsrud, 7th, 5’2”; Jason Shipman, 7th, 5’2”.
Pole Vault:  Nolan Kalberer, 1st, 10’0”; Chans Brown, 2nd, 9’6”; Brady Lund, 3rd, 7’6”; Cash Johnson, 4th, 7’4”.
Long Jump: Sterling Ross, 6th, 17’4.5”; Cash Johnson, 7th, 17’0”; Curtis Lohse, 8th, 16’11.5”; Josh Johnson, 16’5.5”.
Triple Jump: Curtis Lohse, 3rd, 38’0.25”; Chans Brown, 7th, 31’6.25”; Reid Brown, 30’5.75”.
Shot Put:  Justin Flatland, 2nd, 43’6”; Nolan Swenson, 4th, 36’8.5”; Joel Brown, 7th, 35’2.5”.
Discus: Nolan Swenson, 2nd, 123’4”; Shawn Fulwider, 7th, 92;4”; Joel Brown, 80’2”; Daniel Tank, 75’2”.
Javelin: Justin Flatland, 6th, 131’9”; Joel Brown, 98’; Chans Brown, 93’2”.
Girls Division
Team totals: 1. Watford City 200, 2. Parshall 111, 3. Lewis and Clark 94, 4. Stanley-Powers Lake 85, 5. Divide County 79, 6. Williams County 72, 7. New Town 28, 8. Burke County 15, Trenton-Trinity Christian 1.
Watford City individual results:
100 m dash:  Olivia Sundeen, 3rd, 13.20; Peyton Martin, 6th, 13.49; Ciera Reeves, 14.12; Charlie Hystad, no time.
200 m dash: Olivia Sundeen, 3rd, 27.87; Peyton Martin, 6th, 29.44; Ciera Reeves, 30.66; Brianna Allex, 30.69; Charlie Hystad, 30.96.
400 m dash: Kara Johnsrud, 2nd, 1:01.51; Kade Ross, 3rd, 1:03.62.
800 m run: Stephanie Deutsch, 2nd, 2:26.90; Justine Homiston, no time.
1,600 m run: Stephanie Deutsch, 1st, 5:33.45; Kristen Stenehjem, 5th, 6:06.59.
3,200 m run: Sibee Jokela, 1st, 12:16.64.
100 m hurdles: Marti Quale, 2nd, 16.89; Brianna Allex, 3rd, 17.62; Amanda Mogen, 6th, 21.14.
300 m hurdles:  Brianna Allex, 2nd, 52.03; Amanda Mogen, 5th, 1:01.04; Justine Homiston, 7th, 1:05.37.
400 m relay: Watford City (Peyton Martin, Brianna Allex, Olivia Sundeen, McKayla Haugeberg), 3rd, 53.57.
800 m relay: Watford City (Olivia Sundeen, Sibee Jokela, Kade Ross, Kara Johnsrud), 1st, 1:48.51.
1,600 m relay:  Watford City (Stephanie Deutsch, Marti Quale, Kade Ross, Kara Johnsrud), 1st, 4:13.83.
3,200 m relay:  Watford City (Kristen Stenehjem, Marti Quale, Kara Johnsrud, Sibee Jokela), 1st, 10:14.49.
High Jump:  Amanda Mogen, 3rd, 4’3”; Charlie Hystad, 5th, 4’1”.
Pole Vault:  McKayla Haugeberg, 1st, 8’0”; Peyton Martin, 2nd, 6’6”; Justine Homiston, 3rd, 5’6”.
Long Jump:  Kade Ross, 1st, 15’2”.
 Triple Jump: McKayla Haugeberg, 2nd, 29’3”; Justine Homiston, 4th, 27’7”; Charlie Hystad, 8th, 25’8.25”; Ciera Reeves, 22’1”.
Shot Put: Abby Brown, 27’7”; Shakira McLaughlin, 8th, 27’0”; Cylee Johnson, 24’3”; Cassidy Chapin, 20’10.5”.
Discus: Abby Brown, 7th, 78’4”; Shakira McLauglin, 8th, 72’10”.
Javelin: Cylee Johnson, 5th, 70’8”; Shakira McLaughlin, 7th, 68’6”.