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Watford City track teams off to a strong good start

Posted 4/05/16 (Tue)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

With nearly a record 100 individuals out for Watford City’s boys and girls track teams, it looks like the Wolves will be one of the teams to be watching this year.
And after a strong showing at two indoor meets with the girls team winning both the Northwest Conference and the State Class B Indoor Meets, while the boys team took sixth and 10th place, Greg Brown and Dave Gumke, Wolves’ head coaches, have every reason to believe that this will be a good year for Watford City’s track program.
“We have a great mix this year, as we have nine returning state qualifiers to lead the way this year for the girls team,” states Greg Brown, girls’ head coach. “With these returning state qualifiers, who have qualified in multiple events, we have great experience to lead our younger athletes throughout our upcoming season.”
Returning state qualifiers for Brown’s girls team are seniors Lea Arndt, Ricki Lindley, and Asha Smith; junior Bridget Allex; sophomores Mikka Haugeberg, Kaitlyn Nokes, and Morgan Rolfsrud; and freshmen Kayla Ogle and Lindsay Peterson.
“The rest of our team is a very exciting group to be working with,” states Brown. “Our upperclassmen are working very hard to try to take that next step and become a state qualifier, and maybe someday a state place winner.”
With a dedicated group of athletes out for the girls track season, Brown says that the sky is the limit for this year’s team.
“I can see many exciting things happening for the Watford City girls track and field team if they continue to work hard and remember we are trying to improve each week,” states Brown. “We are going to be very exciting to watch all around the track and field area.”
The Wolves girls team will be led by returning state champions Asha Smith and Ricki Lindley who helped Watford City to a fourth place finish at the 2015 State Class B Track Meet.
Likewise, Dave Gumke, boys’ track team head coach, expects to see an improved team this year.
“Last year, we were young and inexperienced,” states Gumke. “This year those young athletes have some experience. Plus, they have been in the weight room getting stronger and faster and they are also more technical in their events that require it. I am looking forward to good things from this team.”
Returning state qualifiers and state place finishers for the boys team are seniors Kyle Cook and Raehs Puetz; juniors Cole McGorman, Rait Elliot and Devin Schmitz; sophomores Connor Dennis and Carter Zenz.
The Wolves will open their 2016 outdoor season on Thursday, April 7,  when Watford City hosts the Roemmich Invitational.
Northwest Conference Indoor Meet
Girls Division

The Watford City girls team opened its indoor season on March 31 with a first place finish at the Northwest Conference Indoor Meet in Minot.
“We took more of our younger athletes to the Northwest Conference Meet,” stated Brown. “For many of these athletes, they have been over- shadowed by our more experienced athletes, and it let this group shine.”
4x1 Lap Relay: 6. (Brooke Mogen, Kaylin Monsen, Morgan Franz, Christina Padilla), 1:43.69.
400 Meter Dash: 1. Hayley Ogle, 1:09.11; 3. Syndey Sanford, 1:11.18.
55 Meter Hurdles: 2. Morgan Franz, 10.15; 7. Sydney Sanford, 11.02.
800 Meter Run: 3. Hayley Ogle, 2:40.72.
1,600 Meter Relay: 6. (Brooke Mogen, Sydney Sanford, Hayley Ogle, Morgan Franz), 4:58.12.
High Jump: 2. Tia McGorman, 4’9”; 5. Kaylin Monsen, 4’3”; 6. Sydney Faller, 4’1”; 7. Kirsten Rutkowski, 4’1”.
Long Jump: 2. Brooke Mogen, 13’10”.
Triple Jump: 2. Brooke Mogen, 28’2.5”
Pole Vault: 1. Maggie Shannon, 5’0”.
Boys Division
The Watford City boys team took sixth place at the Northwest Conference Meet and Dave Gumke, Wolves’ head coach was pleased with the team’s sixth place finish.
“We went to the meet with some of our younger athletes,” stated Gumke. “They all stepped up and competed well. The meet gave them an idea about where they stand against our competition and what they need to do to improve.”
4x1 Lap Relay: 7. (Mark Pingel, Riley Headings, Ethan Lyon, Robert Trotter), 1:30.
3,200 Meter Run: 6. Andrew Trotter, 14:30.
1,600 Meter Relay: 3. (Mark Pingel, Ethan Lyon, Tim Peterson, Reese Johnson), 4:28.24.
High Jump: 5. Jayvn McGorman, 5’0”; 7. Reese Johnson, 5’0”.
Triple Jump: 7. Riley Headings, 32’9”; 8. Reese Johnson, 32’0”.
Pole Vault: 1. Trey Polivka, 6’6”.

State Class B Indoor Meet
Girls Division

The Watford City girls track team put a big stamp on the closure of their indoor track season as the Wolves won the State Class B Indoor Track Meet in Fargo on Saturday.
Ricki Lindley led the Wolves with a first place finish in the long jump and triple jump, while Mikka Haugeberg won the pole vault. The Wolves’ 3,200 meter relay team of Morgan Rolfsrud, Hayley Ogle, Kayla Ogle and Asha Smith also won first place.
“This was a very exciting meet as we gave last year’s state qualifiers a great experience and very competitive meet,” stated Brown. “We had a great day with many very impressive performances.”
60 Meter Hurdles: 5. Bridget Allex, 10.60.
1 Mile Run: 2. Asha Smith, 5:20.71; 3. Kayla Ogle, 5:34.37.
800 Meter Relay: 8. (Mikka Haugeberg, Lindsay Peterson, Bridget Allex, Ricki Lindley), 1:57.20.
3,200 Meter Relay: 1. (Morgan Rolfsrud, Hayley Ogle, Kayla Ogle, Asha Smith), 10:30.68.
800 Meter Run: 2. Asha Smith, 2:23.15; 3. Kayla Ogle, 2:35.72; 8. Hayley Ogle, 2:46.00.
200 Meter Dash: 3. Ricki Lindley, 27.74.
1,600 Meter Relay: 2. (Mikka Haugeberg, Morgan Rolfsrud, Kayla Ogle, Asha Smith), 4:29.59.
Long Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 17’1.25”.
High Jump: 3. Kaitlyn Nokes, 4’9”.
Pole Vault: 1. Mikka Haugeberg, 9’6”.
Triple Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 36’1”.
Boys Division
While the Watford City boys team finished in 10th place at the State Class B Indoor Track Meet, Dave Gumke wasn’t disappointed with his team’s showing.
“The boys came away with some good marks to get our year off to a good start,” states Gumke. “We also found out that we have some work to do to get better. I know that these guys will accept the challenge and continue to work hard in practice.”
60 Meter Hurdles: 2. Connor Dennis, 9.28; 4. Cole McGorman, 10.22.
400 Meter Dash: 8. Keegan Kaczmar, 56.63.
1,600 run: 7. Raehs Puetz, 5:00.84.
High Jump: 7. Cole McGorman, 5’6”.
800 Meter Relay: 8. (Carter Zenz, Keegan Kaczmar, Rait Elliot, Connor Dennis), 1:44.02.
1,600 Meter Relay: 4. (Carter Zenz, Kyle Cook, Keegan Kaczmar, Connor Dennis), 3:47.70.
3,200 Meter Relay: 6. (Raehs Puetz, Osman Leon, Devin Schmitz, Kyle Cook), 9:39.61.