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Three area teens return from National High School Finals Rodeo

Posted 8/04/10 (Wed)

By Olivia Sundeen
Farmer Staff Intern

Three teens from the McKenzie County area figured out that hard work, dedication, and some determination can take a person a long way.
Hayes Feilmeier, Sadie Kieson, and Samantha Jorgenson were successful in making it to the National High School Finals Rodeo in Gillette, Wyo.
In order to make it to Nationals each participant must place in the top four of their event at State.
“Nationals is a huge rush!” stated Sadie Kieson, who qualified in pole bending. “It was really cool being in the biggest rodeo in the world with kids just like me!”
These three teens left Nationals knowing they could and would do better. They are young and hope that they have their first-year jitters out of them and will do better the next time around.
“I ended up 60th out of 150 in the steer wrestling,” commented Feilmeier. “I was very nervous, but I learned to keep my mind set on my goals and eventually they will come true.”
Feilmeier was also comforted by a nice letter from the Wisness family. They gave him motivation  saying that Levi would be up in heaven helping him along the way.
“That really helped show me what true friends are like and it made me want to do better knowing Levi would be watching from above,” replied Feilmeier.
For Kieson nerves seemed to get the best of her. “Nationals didn’t go very well for me. I was dissappointed in my performance, but still happy I made it,” stated Kieson. “This will help me a lot if I make it again, so it’s not so nerve-racking.”
Jorgenson’s only downfall in the breakaway roping was her lack of aggressiveness. “If I regret anything from my performance at Nationals, it is that I wasn’t as aggressive as I usually am,” stated Jorgenson. “When I’m more aggressive my roping is sharper.”
According to this trio of McKenzie County cowboys and cowgirls,  rodeo takes a lot of hard work and many contestants start when they are young. The hard work is worth it in the end. The fun they have and the friends they meet are two major rewards they get out of the rodeo experience.
For Kieson it’s the event itself that is her reward. “I love it when I make a good run and all the hard work and training pays off,” commented Kieson.
The possibilities are endless for these three. In spite of their nerves and inexperience they had at this year’s Nationals, many doors  are waiting to be opened as they continue their high school rodeo careers. They are already setting goals and starting to train for next year’s season.
“My goal for next year is to win the all-around,” stated Jorgenson. “I want to qualify for Nationals in at least three events this coming season. I definitely didn’t have near as good of a year last year as I had hoped to. So this year I am going to step it up a notch and work harder.”
Good things are bound to come from this determined crew. Keep an eye out for their many achievements to come.