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Girls qualify four for State in first meet

Posted 5/01/13 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

Spring track has been a long time in coming. But when the snow finally cleared on some of the tracks in western North Dakota, Watford City’s varsity track teams were chomping at the bit to finally see what they could do.
And in their first outdoor meet of the season on April 23 at Bowman, the Wolves’ boys and girls teams looked pretty impressive.
The Watford City girls took first place with 147 points, while the boys came in fifth with 62 points.
“The track teams finally got to show off what we have been working on last Tuesday,” stated Greg Brown, girls head coach. “They have been working hard in practice and the results showed the coaches that we may be on the right track with our program this year.”
Off on the right track indeed as four Watford City girls qualified for State in their first outdoor meet of the season.
Asha Smith was the first Watford girl to qualify for State this season as she turned in a 5:29.38 in the 1,600 meter run. But not to be outdone was McKayla Haugeberg and Kara Langerud who qualified in the long jump with leaps of 16’11.5” and 16’6’, respectively, while Haugeberg also qualified in the pole vault with a vault of 10’6” and Ricki Lindley qualified in the triple jump with a leap of 35’6.5”.
Also placing in first for the girls team was Asha Smith in the 800 meter run, the 1,600 and 3,200 meter relay teams, Katie Mogen in the high jump, and Haugeberg in the javelin.
In the boys division, the 1,600 meter relay team took first place.
“We had many athletes that were setting personal bests while competing on a cooler day with a strong wind,” stated Brown. “The first goal of the track season was to find a track meet that was going to go. And the second goal for us will be to find a warm day.”
Bowman Track Meet - Girls Division
100 meter dash: 3. Kara Langerud, 13.84.
800 meter run: 1. Asha Smith, 2:30.15.
1,600 meter run: 1. Asha Smith, 5:29.38 (SQ).
3,200 meter run: 3. Addison Sundeen, 13.58.00.
100 meter hurdles: 2. Bridget Allex, 18.94; 8. Bailey Moen, 20.54.
300 meter hurdles: 2. Bridget Allex, 54.83.
400 meter relay: 2. (Kara Langerud, Uranna Bascom, Bridget Allex, Ricki Lindley), 55.74.
800 meter relay: 5. (Ricki Lindley, Uranna Bascom, Bailey Moen, Emily Segneri), 2:07.10.
1,600 meter relay: 1. (Kara Langerud, Asha Smith, McKayla Haugeberg, Lea Arndt), 4:28.68.
3,200 meter relay: 1. (Addison Sundeen, Jessica Brown, Asha Smith, Lea Arndt), 11:07.22.
High Jump: 1. Katie Mogen, 4’7”; 2. Ricki Lindley, 4’7”.
Pole Vault: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 10’6” (SQ).
Long Jump: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 16’11.5” (SQ): 2. Kara Langerud, 16’6” (SQ).
Triple Jump: 1. Ricki Lindley, 35’6.5” (SQ).
Javelin: 1. McKayla Haugeberg, 128’11”.
Bowman Track Meet - Boys Division
400 meter dash:  4. Cole Rolfsrud, 56.78; 6. Bradly Wilson, 59.25.
400 meter relay: 5. (Brandon Stoker, Cole Rolfsrud, Bo Cook, Bradly Wilson), 49.22.
800 meter relay: 6. (Bo Cook, Trevor Alveshere, Oliver Hermanson, Reid Brown), 1:48.65.
1,600 meter relay: 1. (Brandon Stoker, Tyler Bates, Cole Rolfsrud, Guy Ross), 3:44.47.
3,200 meter relay: 3. (Bradley Wilson, Tyler Bates, Michael Brown, Guy Ross), 9:34.86.
Pole Vault: 2. Trevor Alveshere, 9’6”; 3. Logan Gumke, 9’6”.
Long Jump: 5. Brandon Stoker, 19’1”.
Triple Jump: 4. Brandon Stoker, 39’3”.
Javelin: 2. Reid Brown, 129’11”.