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Volunteers make Watford City swim club a reality

Posted 2/14/17 (Tue)

Volunteers make Watford City swim club a reality

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

“There are not many towns our size, or even bigger, that have a facility available to them that is this amazing,” says Jamie Norstog, head swim coach, in reference to the Rough Rider Center. “It is my goal to utilize this facility and get a fully functioning swim team up and swimming.”
And utilize the RRC to the fullest is exactly what Norstog has been doing.
Norstog grew up in Sand Point, ID but his family was originally from Watford City. He would spend his summers here and always knew that he would get back to North Dakota for good someday.
“Watford City is my favorite place,” says Norstog. “When I faced a few hurdles during school at the University of Idaho, I thought I’d come and spend some time on the farm for just a semester to figure out what I wanted to do. That was six years ago!”
Norstog is now the assistant manager for the RRC pool and volunteers as a youth pastor for fifth and sixth grade boys at the Assembly of God church. On top of everything in his busy life, Norstog has been determined to get a swim club started.

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