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Tornado victims tell their harrowing stories

Posted 7/18/18 (Wed)

By Betsy Ryan and Ashleigh Plemper
Farmer Staff Writers

Just days after the tornado touched down at the Prairie View RV Park, residents of the park are still in shock at the level of destruction that the EF2 tornado with its 127 mph winds caused.
Many looked out of their windows as the storm grew more and more intense. “No one expected it to escalate like it did.”
Amanda Stevens lay on a cot in the Watford City Civic Center Tuesday morning, desperately trying to contact her boyfriend.
At six months pregnant, she wanted to let him know that she was safe after running out of her home at Prairie View.
“I lost everything,” Stevens said.
Just sitting in his RV before heading to bed, half-dressed, Anthony Strattler listened to the rain beating down on his roof.
“All of the sudden, my RV flipped in one motion,” Strattler said. “The only exit was against the ground and I was trapped.”

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