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Teams to compete for best ribs title

Posted 8/08/17 (Tue)

Teams to compete for best ribs title

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

If you are going to choose one day of the year to walk down Main Street in Watford City, Ribfest, which will be held on Friday, Aug. 11, might be your best pick.
A tradition in McKenzie County, teams start preparing months in advance to make the perfect ribs.
“I usually dream up a new recipe every year,” says Darius Frick, Whiting Oil & Gas NW superintendent. “Then, during the off season, I conduct lots of taste testing.”
Whiting Oil & Gas will participate in this year’s Ribfest for the fifth year in a row. They have won first place one time, and intend to do so again this year.
“The best part of winning is the bragging rights that come with it,” said Jennifer Fitzgerald, Whiting Oil & Gas Office manager. “Every year, the winner of the previous year’s Ribfest gets to display their trophy and a big ribbon that draws the crowd to their booth.”
The year after Whiting took first place in the rib competition, Fitzgerald said that they sold out of ribs in under five minutes.
“People get to liking a particular booth and return to the same one year after year,” said Frick. “There is always a big lineup by the time we are allowed to open after the competition.”

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