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Ryan Auto Sales opens in Watford

Posted 7/25/17 (Tue)

Ryan Auto Sales opens in Watford

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

At one time in the 1980s, Watford City could boast of having three new car dealerships to serve the people of McKenzie County. But as times changed and small town new car dealerships faced mounting and expensive requirements from automotive companies, those dealerships faded away.
The last local new car dealership in Watford City, S & S Motors, ultimately gave up its Ford new vehicle franchise and moved into the used car market. But in November of 2016 when Brent Sanford, owner of S & S Motors, was elected to serve as North Dakota’s Lieutenant Governor, the last bell tolled for even that business.
But as of July 5, Watford City residents, as well as other people in McKenzie County will once again have the opportunity to purchase a preowned vehicle in Watford.
“We opened Ryan Auto Sales of Watford City on July 5,” states Kirby Brown, sales manager. “Watford City is a great community so we thought it was a great time to come here.”
According to Brown, the decision by the Ryan Family Dealerships, which has locations in Minot and Williston, was an easy one to make.
“When we looked at where our sales in Williston were coming from, it was clear that we had buyers coming to us from the Watford City area,” stated Brown. “Watford City was our No. 2 area in sales behind the Williston area.”

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