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Relay For Life keeps moving

Posted 5/30/17 (Tue)

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Friday night will be a late one for Watford City.
The Rugged West chapter of Relay For Life will kick off its annual event of walking in the lights of night to honor cancer survivors and those lost to the disease, hoping to raise $90,000 to benefit American Cancer Society research, education and advocacy, as well as providing patient services.
After last year’s event on Watford City’s windy Main Street, the event moves to the football field and track of the city’s elementary school, walking through midnight.
“Relay For Life is supposed to symbolize one’s journey through cancer,” said Zane Frick, of the Rugged West chapter. “You get your cancer diagnosis and it’s kind of a dark and scary time. Relays go until the morning and as you’re finishing your treatment, the sun’s coming up and it’s a new beginning and a new day.”
Eleven teams were registered to participate, Frick added, as of late last week. Teams can be as few as one or two people or as many as 20 to 30.
“It’s just kind of whatever your team wants to do,” Frick said. “Your employer or company or group of friends.”
People can begin walking at 4 p.m. Friday, with yard games and other activities available.

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