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Primary election set for Tuesday

Posted 6/08/16 (Wed)

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Tuesday’s primary election will see a number of races and candidates decided, from McKenzie County local offices to the Republican nomination for governor.
Watford City residents will vote at city hall while Ideal and Schafer precinct residents will vote at the McKenzie County Courthouse. Voters may only choose candidates from one political party on the ballot. Many party candidates run uncontested in the primary such as state auditor, state treasurer and insurance commissioner.
The gubernatorial race, meanwhile, has three candidate teams vying for the Republican nomination.
These candidates include Fargo businessman Doug Burgum and Watford City Mayor Brent Sanford, Bismarck architect Paul Sorum and Michael Coachman and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and state Sen. Nicole Poolman of Bismarck.
Stenehjem received the NDGOP’s endorsement for governor at the party’s convention in early April in Fargo. Despite coming in third at the convention with 10 percent of the votes, Burgum vowed to continue campaigning until the primary.
State Rep. Marvin Nelson of Rolla and state Sen. Joan Heckaman (New Rockford) are the only Democrats running for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively, while Libertarians Marty Riske and Joshua Voytek seek the same offices.
Nelson announced his candidacy in mid-March, long after Republicans had lined up. Former state agricultural commissioner Sarah Vogel previously explored a Democratic run, but opted out in late January.
Democrats also have no candidate for state auditor on the primary ballot.
Congressional races see no contests within parties. Sen. John Hoeven seeks reelection against Democrat Eliot Glassheim and Libertarian Robert N. Marquette. North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer also seeks another term, vying against Democrat Chase Iron Eyes and Libertarian Jack Seaman.
On the no-party primary ballot, some statewide positions are challenged, like superintendent of public instruction and justice of the supreme court.
McKenzie County elections see many candidates on the no-party primary ballot.
Alexander voters will choose from Jerry Hatter, Kenneth Wilcox and Jeff Whitehurst for mayor. Terrille Jacobson and Richard Modine are after two seats on the city council.
Luke Holen, Jamie Modine and Sarah Rosco are all running for one seat on the Alexander Park Board.
Alexander voters will also approve or deny a special measure reducing park board members from five to three.
In Arnegard, voters have the choices of Whitney Tamez, Jashua Moody and Timothy Pickering, Jr. for two city council seats. Karen Hagen is running for the open seat on the Arnegard Park Board.
Watford City voters will select three of six candidates for city council. Candidates include Gregg Schuetze, Stephanie Corn, Lindsay Veeder Wingerter, Matthew Beard, Charles “Chas” Neff Jr., Bethany Mulder Devlin and Kenny Liebel.
William “Billy” Carlson and LeAnne Voll are running for two open seats on the Watford City Park Board.
School district elections include Alexander Public School District No. 2, McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 and Yellowstone School District No. 14.
Jeremy Heen, Tim Nelson and Darcy Delaney are Alexander School Board candidates for three seats.
Three seats are open on the McKenzie County Public School District No. 1 School Board. Lance Madsen, Dawn Maki and Paul Lehto are running for one seat from Area 1. Shannon Faller, Virginia Ceynar and Carla Schwartzenberger are candidates for the seat representing Areas 2 and 3. Bradley Sanford runs unopposed for the Areas 4 and 5 seat as is Heather Wisness for the Area 6 seat.
Jessica Cayko and Jason P. Rau are running for two open seats on the Yellowstone School District No. 14 School Board.
Also on the primary ballot for Arnegard, Alexander and Watford City voters are measures requiring city governments to publish their meeting minutes in official city newspapers for the next four years.
Voters in McKenzie County’s three school districts will also be deciding the publishing of school board meeting minutes in the district’s official newspaper.