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Oil production up four percent from historic drop

Posted 3/14/17 (Tue)

Oil production up four percent from historic drop

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

After its lowest monthly drop ever, North Dakota oil production rose 4 percent in January.
The state hauled in 980,294 daily barrels, or nearly 30.4 million barrels in January. McKenzie County contributed over 11.7 million barrels from 3,559 wells producing, the state department of mineral resources reported.
“We started the month with horrific weather, but about mid-January, the last 10 days of January, the weather really moderated,” said DMR director Lynn Helms, adding, “really good weather for putting some wells back on production and trucking and hauling some oil and saltwater.”
Oil production rose 38,000 daily barrels the first month of this year as gas production increased as well, Helms added, up 1.2 percent.

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