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New Rough Rider Center to fill community’s recreation needs

Posted 9/13/16 (Tue)

New Rough Rider Center to fill community’s recreation needs

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

While much has been said about the square footage, the cost, and the features of the new Rough Rider Events Center, what the Events Center will be to the McKenzie County community is much more than just a building.
“I hope the Events Center influences the culture of Watford City by making this a more active community,” says recreation coordinator Keith Larson. “If people let it, it will give them a place to stretch their legs in the winter time. With such a beautiful building in our midst, there will be no reason to sit at home. There are so many activities that everyone can do.”
The event center offers amenities that have long been called for from the demographic of people who are typically home in the mornings and afternoons - senior citizens and parents with small children.
“We want the center to be a place especially used by the daytime crowd in the area,” says event coordinator Karen Ewing. “Senior citizens who would like to walk on the track, parents with young kids who need a place to run around or swim during the long and cold winters, this place is for them.”

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