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Narcotics stolen during break-in

Posted 7/21/10 (Wed)

By Neal A. Shipman
Farmer Editor

A late night burglary resulted in extensive building damage to Larsen Service Drug as burglars, who failed to break into the rear door, used stronger force to gain admission to the Watford City Main Street business. After failing to gain entrance through the door, the thieves hooked something to the iron grating that covered a back window, and then pulled the grating off the wall, which also pulled off a large section of the building’s exterior bricking.
According to Slade Herfindahl, Watford City Police chief, the break-in occurred in the overnight hours of July 17 and 18 and the burglars took prescription narcotic pain relievers.
“There may be serious health consequences if the stolen prescription drugs are taken without being prescribed by a doctor,” stated Herfindahl. “We are also concerned that there is a possibility that the stolen prescription drugs may be sold by the thief or thieves since the effects of the abuse or misuse of these prescription drugs are similar to the effects of illegal and illicit drugs.”
Local hospitals, according to Herfindahl, have been notified to watch out for anyone presenting with symptoms of the misuse of these drugs and the Watford City Police Department is hopeful of gaining any public information that could lead to the recovery of the drugs and the apprehension of the person or persons responsible for this crime.
If anyone has information regarding this crime or has been approached by someone trying to sell drugs, particularly in the Watford City area, they are asked to contact Chief Herfindahl at the Watford City Police Department at (701) 444 - 2400.