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Mega-producers spark interest in Banks Field

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

More information continues to be revealed about how ripe the area northwest of Watford City is for oil production.
Last month, Lynn Helms, director of Mineral Resources for the North Dakota Industrial Commission, revealed that a well recently drilled northwest of Watford City was producing 5,000 barrels of oil a day and 12 million cubic feet of natural gas a day, at over 2,000 pounds tubing pressure.
What was described by Helms last month as remarkable, but confidential, has now been unclassified.
According to Helms, the Three Forks Well, which is in the Banks Field and owned by Tarpon Federal, is just one of two wells, northwest of Watford City, found to be mega-producers.
“There have already been two wells drilled in the area. One is producing 5,000 barrels of oil per day and the other is producing 4,800,” states Helms. “This is an area we want to pay close attention to moving forward.”
Helms states that the area northwest of Watford City is the deepest, hottest part of the Bakken, and as it turns out, the Three Forks Formation as well. And the formations located there are very mature.
“The area around McKenzie County has gotten everyone’s attention,” states Helms. “The gas oil ratio is seven times what the gas oil ratio is over in Parshall. The liquid content is just as good and the production is phenomenal.”
Helms states that the oil industry has become very excited about the potential in the Three Forks Formation. And, not only is the oil industry anxious to quantify it, but once it has been quantified, Helms believes they may find five potential layers of production in that location, among some other potential spots.
“It is in the center of the basin and companies are working very hard to quantify how many layers of Three Forks there actually are,” states Helms. “I am confident that some areas will have five potential layers of production.”
Additionally, Helms states that this well and the attention it has received are what has led Oneok to announce plans for an additional Garden Creek Gas Plant.
Though for now Helms states he is keeping an eye on the Banks Field and the work being done in the Three Forks Formation, he is optimistic of the potential located there.