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‘Every day is a learning curve’

Posted 2/21/17 (Tue)

‘Every day is a learning curve’

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Family pictures adorn the wooden walls of Brent Sanford’s office. The room is a little dim, but only because he’s drawn the blinds on the dazzling sun outside.
The atrium of the North Dakota State Capitol is a short walk away in a bustle of legislators, lobbyists and schoolchildren. Still, in Sanford’s office, the ties that bind are very visible for the new lieutenant governor, from a model pumpjack to an early black-and-white photo of his family’s business, S & S Motors.
“I tell people I feel like it was a good background being in Watford City for this position,” Sanford said, seated at a round table, wearing a suit and tie. “It’s a high learning curve but it was a good experience in Watford City having to do the same. It’s a similar pace, it’s just a broader geography.”
In his two months as lieutenant governor under Gov. Doug Burgum, Sanford has taken his experience as a boomtown mayor and businessman to the capitol at Bismarck, presiding over the state senate, listening to folks from across the state and adjusting as necessary. at the capitol commute from out of town.

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