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Love those ribs

Posted 8/05/09 (Wed)

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

From one extreme to another, the Best Of The West Ribfest has proved to be successful in all types of weather, from last year’s 100-degree heat to this year’s odd July weather which consisted of a cool 65-degree day with rain and 30 mph winds.
“It’s almost unthinkable to have weather like this at the end of July,” says Brenda Berquist, Watford City Area Chamber of Commerce president. “But, with Mother Nature you have no choice but to move on and deal with whatever comes.”
Ribfest attendees did just as Berquist hoped. They dealt with Mother Nature and didn’t let the weather spoil their fun. The 12 Ribfest teams cooked 1,670 pounds of ribs and sold out by 7 p.m.
“The 2009 Ribfest was an absolute success,” says Berquist. “From rib vendors selling out to Street Fair vendors asking for the date of next year’s event.”
Although the weather caused most of the Street Fair vendors to head inside the First International Bank & Trust’s Galleria, Berquist says they were all happy with the attendance and many of them are excited to come back next year.
“The Street Fair was a great success,” adds Berquist. “We definitely made the right call when we ended Art in the Park and added the Street Fair.”
A few of the Street Fair vendors left early because their items couldn’t withstand the wind and rain, but 19 stayed for the entire day making the first Street Fair a great event.
“I would love to see both the street and gallery full with vendors for next year,” states Berquist.
The Street Fair was just the beginning of this year’s variety. The rib recipes were as different as night and day. No matter what your favorite ribs were, it was clear that each team was having a great time cooking and serving their ribs.
Although it was obvious that all 12 teams had great ribs, the Judges First Choice went to the Three Way, Inc. team with the Judges Second Choice award going to Outlaws’ Bar & Grill who moved up one place from their third place victory last year.
The Power Fuels team took their Rock-n Ribs to another level with their booth decorated with inflatable guitars and other rock-n-roll items earning them the Showmanship Award for their efforts.
 Whether you agreed with the judges choices or had your own favorite, with 12 different kinds of ribs there truly was something for everyone.