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Local 10-year-old starts business from home

Posted 10/04/17 (Wed)

Local 10-year-old starts business from home

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Like many McKenzie County newcomers, Rick LeBaron spent two years commuting between two states before he and his wife Chelsea finally brought the whole family to North Dakota.
“We wanted to make sure the job was going to work out and then when it was, I think I was scared to make the move,” said Chelsea LeBaron. “But, boy am I glad that we did! My kids needed their daddy and I needed my husband. I never imagined that this little town would be such a great place for us.”
With three kids, Paisley age 10, Cooper age 5, and little Griffin almost a year old, the LeBarons have jumped right into any activity or kid-friendly event they could get their hands on in the county.
A surprising shift happened recently for the LeBarons when their fifth grader, Paisley, declared that she wanted to open a store.

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