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Henrikson remains in custody; bond pending

Posted 1/28/14 (Tue)

By Stephanie Norman
Farmer Staff Writer

A five-time convicted felon, James Henrikson, 34, of Watford City, remains in custody at the Burleigh County Detention Center in North Dakota on a firearms charge. He was arrested on Jan. 18 after the FBI raided and seized multiple pistols, shotguns and a rifle from his Watford City home.
The original bond hearing, which has been rescheduled for this week, was delayed so Henrikson could speak with his appointed attorney before his bond hearing and next court appearance.
Henrikson and his wife, Sarah Creveling, have a history of mail and wire fraud dating back to 2011, according to a civil forfeiture request by Department of Homeland Security agents.
Last month, Henrikson’s business partner, Doug Carlile, was found shot to death at his Spokane, Wash., home. Hours after the murder, Henrikson told police Carlile owed him nearly $2 million and remains a person of interest in the case.  
Many business investors of Henrikson and Creveling’s local trucking business, told federal agents they were promised high return rates, but the couple turned around and put the money into other businesses in Creveling’s name only, hid their profits, and told the investors that the business was failing.
Not only did Henrikson and Creveling pocket millions of dollars from investors, their accountant told agents they would frequently shift funds between their multiple bank accounts.
At this time, prosecutors plan to seize Henrikson’s property and real estate, as a result of him cheating investors in his trucking company.
According to past court records, Henrikson was found guilty of manufacturing marijuana, eluding the police, burglary, assault and theft.
Henrikson appeared before Magistrate Judge Charles Miller on Jan. 21, and was represented by Federal Public Defender William Schmidt for his weapons charge.