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From Mennonite to Watford City locals

Posted 4/04/17 (Tue)

From Mennonite to Watford City locals

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Since 2009, Jo and Phares Zimmerman have made Watford City their home. At first glance if you met them today, you would not guess that they grew up travelling by horse and buggy. Well, Phares travelled by horse and buggy and grew up without electricity or indoor plumbing. Jo wasn’t quite so conservative but still spent much of her younger years tending children, gardening, and canning in a long floral dress.
Jo and Phares grew up among the Mennonites in Pennsylvania.
Jo’s parents are a part of the Horning Mennonite group and live in Lancaster County, Pa. Phares grew up in central  Pennsylvania in the Old Order Mennonite community.

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