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Flood victims putting lives back together

Posted 5/01/19 (Wed)

Flood victims putting lives back together

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Suffering devastating losses as a result of the flooding in western McKenzie County, many families are scrambling to find a place to live. Nine homes were completely destroyed with another 12 homes suffering extensive damage.
Farms, roads, canals, irrigation ditches and more infrastructure was demolished by the incoming water.
Throughout an exceptionally cold winter, 14 miles of ice jam built up along the Yellowstone River to the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers. Spring thawing led to unprecedented water levels which creeped up into resident’s fields, then up on their driveways and eventually, into their homes.
“Some people couldn’t get into their homes for two weeks after being evacuated,” said Karolin Jappe, McKenzie County Emergency manager about the more than 50 families told to get out of their homes. “Fields were under water for three to four weeks and are now covered in so much silt.”

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