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Family Crisis services now in Watford

Posted 2/14/18 (Wed)

Family Crisis services now in Watford

By Betsy Ryan
Farmer Staff Writer

Jennifer Winter always has her cell phone on. She always has blankets in her car and a purse full of snacks. When victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking are in need of an advocate in McKenzie County, Jennifer is there.
Winter came to Watford City by way of Ohio in 2014. Managing the Watford City branch of the Williston Family Crisis Center, she is a Victim Advocate.
Winter works out of an office in the McKenzie County Law Enforcement Center. While the Family Crisis Center is not run by or affiliated with the Police Department, when the new law enforcement building was designed the powers-that-be made sure that Winter had a safe and comfortable place to carry out her important work for the community.
“I help victims that are hidden in plain sight,” said Winter. “They are in your churches, at the table next to you at the restaurant and might be pumping gas beside you at the gas station.”

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