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Explorer post offers taste of law enforcement for youth

Posted 3/14/17 (Tue)

Explorer post offers taste of law enforcement for youth

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

Red and blue lights lit up the rear parking lot of the McKenzie County Courthouse as sheriff’s deputies stopped a white pickup after a pursuit.
They arrested the driver and a passenger before one passenger took off at a run across the lot, hampered as K-9 Officer Canello caught his arm and brought him down.
Across the street, a small crowd of onlookers watched with interest as officers moved in, securing Canello and helping Dep. Brandon Johnson to his feet, his arm safe in a protective sleeve.  
It was all a simulation.
As part of their first night of activities for Explorer Post 2382 on Tuesday, Feb. 28, McKenzie County sheriff’s deputies took local youth and families through a range of encounters and procedures, from a pursuit to arrests to DUI testing.

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