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Demolition Derby returns to Fair

Posted 7/06/11 (Wed)

By Olivia Sundeen   
Farmer Staff Writer

Cars ramming into each other until they are nothing, but mangled metal seems to be a popular event around these parts.
McKenzie County Fair hosts its second annual demolition derby on Friday, July 15 at 6 p.m.
“It was so nice to see the bleachers and surrounding area full of spectators for our first event,” stated Eva Hepper. “We are looking forward to another great derby!”
In order to get in on the smashing and crashing, participants must be 18 years old or have a parent’s notarized signature.
“We are so lucky to have so much support for this popular event,” stated Hepper. “We have very large cash prizes for the winners. This money comes from the $100 entry fee that each driver must pay and the balance comes from all of our wonderful sponsors.”
The first  place winner gets $1,500, second gets $750, and third receives $250.
“Last year was our first year trying out the demolition derby,” stated Hepper. “The idea was brought up by Wesley Leppell and Shawn Rink. It worked out so well that we decided to try it again this year.”
It is the hopes of the McKenzie County fair board, that this event will continue to grow in popularity.
“We are hoping to get even more cars and drivers entered this year,” stated Hepper. “It would be really exciting to see the area filled with another great crowd of spectators as well.”
If you are still interested in entering a car it is not too late. For more information on entries and rules contact Eva Hepper at hepper@ruggedwest.com. If you have technical questions contact Wesley Leppell at 701-770-5551.
“We think this event will continue to grow from year to year,” stated Hepper. “We are hoping to keep this great event as long-term entertainment for our fair.”
So jump in your car and prepare to have a heck of a ride or grab a snack and be prepared for some crazy crashes. Whatever it may be we hope to see you at the McKenzie County Fair’s demolition derby. Let’s see some metal get mangled!