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County joins interim study for oil impacts

Posted 8/22/17 (Tue)

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

McKenzie County has joined a study by an interim legislative committee to examine North Dakota’s oil and gas gross production tax formula.
The study will look at a variety of impacts in western North Dakota’s Bakken region. McKenzie County commissioners approved allocating $7,500 for the $100,000 study in a cost share with the Western Dakota Energy Association.
Eastern North Dakotans don’t necessarily understand all the impacts affecting western North Dakota, said Geoff Simon, WDEA executive director.
“When we talk about trying to share the wealth out here, generally the area with the deepest pocket is the one that’s hit the first,” Simon said, “and that’s you folks right here.”
“If you make a change or tinker here on one side of the formula, what are the effects over here on the other side of the formula?” said Shawn Gaddie, AE2S Nexus general manager.
Commissioners Douglas Nordby and Gene Veeder stressed the importance of the GPT formula for McKenzie County. Nordby recommended townships here participate in the study as well “so we don’t leave gaps in our story we need to tell.”

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