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Concerns arise over ABCO dumpsters

Posted 2/14/17 (Tue)

Concerns arise over ABCO dumpsters

By Jack Dura
Farmer Staff Writer

The state health department will visit a site north of Watford City this month over concerns of dozens of ABCO Recycling dumpsters full of trash stored there since late fall.
McKenzie County veteran services officer Jerry Samuelson said he took a call earlier this month about the 50 or so dumpsters lining the industrial property along 30th Avenue Northwest.
From there, other county and city officials became involved, including McKenzie County emergency manager Karolin Jappe and Watford City code compliance officer Rita Olson.
Jappe, who has since stepped aside due to jurisdiction, expressed concerns about snowmelt carrying potential contaminants off the dumpsters, as well as a half-buried dumpster next to an excavator and a few chemical-related totes resting on a snowpile.
John Hughes of Wesco Disposal, ABCO’s parent company, said the site is a staging area for consolidating loads, using the excavator “so we can paw through the dumpsters and make sure there’s no contaminants in there.”

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