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ANOVA Clinic moves to new location

Posted 10/30/13 (Wed)

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

The ANOVA Family Health Center opened its doors on Sept. 4, 2012, having leased office space from the Badlands Occupational Testing facility next to the Long X Visitor Center.
They only signed a one-year lease in hopes of finding a more permanent situation. Now, after they have exceeded their capacity at the Badlands Occupational Testing facility, in addition to hiring more personnel to meet their growth needs, the ANOVA Family Health Center has found a permanent facility and is getting ready to celebrate its Grand Opening on Nov. 1, from 2 to 6 p.m.
Vonnie Johnson, one of the providers at ANOVA states that the ANOVA team is incredibly grateful to the Kiesons for not only leasing them office space in the Badlands Occupational Testing building, but getting that space ready in such a short amount of time.
“I think that they got our space ready for us to move into in two week’s time,” states Johnson.
The Kiesons provided Johnson, and Anita Pedersen, another ANOVA provider, with two exam rooms that also doubled as provider offices, and one large room that served as a nurses station, break room and clinic manager office. The Kiesons also gave the ANOVA clinic a waiting room/reception area.
“It did not take us long before we had grown out of our space in the Badlands building,” states Pedersen.
After spending some time investigating available office spaces and lease options in Watford City, Pedersen and her husband, Kent, decided they should just purchase a facility and lease it to ANOVA.
“We found this place in February,” states Pedersen, of the building that currently houses the ANOVA clinic.
The building is located near the McKenzie County Fairgrounds, next to Express Laundry. It faces the N.D. Highway 23 bypass and meets their current needs both for space and parking.
“Now, with our new building, parents do not have to cross a busy street with their strollers to get to our office,” states Pedersen.
Pedersen and Johnson state that the new facility has ample parking for both patients and employees, as well as office space.
“Now our lab is our lab and our patient rooms are patient rooms,” states Johnson.
Johnson and Pedersen state that ANOVA’s new facility has space for a nurses station, provider offices, and five exam rooms, including one pediatric room. There is also a large waiting room, with an adjoining kids waiting room off to the side as well.
ANOVA has also hired one additional provider, Cassie Haak, along with a second full-time receptionist. And they are expecting another full-time nurse to come on board in January.
ANOVA’s new facility also offers the clinic a large break room area, where employees can catch up with each other over lunch, or have a space for the children of employees to stay before and after school.
“We are very family-oriented, and we like that,” states Johnson. “We like to be able to offer these kind of options to our employees so they do not have to worry about finding childcare. Their kids can come before and after school and do their homework in the break room or just relax.”
Pedersen and Johnson state that it took four months for Pedersen’s husband to have the new clinic ready for occupancy. They found the building in February, became the owners in April, and moved the ANOVA clinic in over Labor Day weekend.
“Everyone who has been to our new office cannot believe that we got all the work done in four month’s time,” states Pedersen. “My husband did a great job getting this place ready for ANOVA.”
On Friday, Nov. 1, from 2 to 6 p.m., ANOVA is inviting the community to their Grand Opening. The ribbon cutting ceremony will begin at 2 p.m.,  accompanied by gifts and lots of good food. Prior to the ribbon cutting ceremony, the McKenzie County Ministerial Association will be present for a dedication prayer.