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Alexander to get a new motel

Posted 12/05/12 (Wed)

By Kate Ruggles
Farmer Staff Writer

A new concept claiming to revolutionize the lodging industry is already mid-construction in Alexander, N.D. This new lodging solution touts that it allows stylish, high quality new hotels to be built in 90 days rather than the typical two years and leaves no environmental footprint. And that being the case, it may be perfect for the oil industry.
“North Dakota has become the second largest oil-producing state, behind only Texas, and in the process the demand for hotel rooms is unprecedented,” states Rakesh Chauhan, president and CEO of Banyan Investment Group.
Banyan Investment Group is a hospitality company with properties all over the United States. They, along with Proteus On-Demand, a construction company, have jointly developed this concept and brought it to the Bakken area of North Dakota.
“Our facilities are custom-made modular units,” states Chris Cooper, vice president of Project Development for Banyan Investment Group. “They are put together in the form of a hotel, but each unit is a private room, designed to meet a customer’s specific needs.”
According to Cooper, each room is perfect for either short-term or long-term stays and will have a flat-screen television, in-room mini refrigerator, full-size bed, individual climate control and private bathroom. The property will also feature amenities such as complimentary daily buffet breakfast, spacious lobby area, wireless internet throughout, daily housekeeping and a 24-hour on site innkeeper.
“There will also be a community area for gathering for anyone who wants to get out of their room,” states Cooper. “It is not a big, fancy hotel, but it meets all the needs, as we see them, for people who are traveling and working in the area.”
Cooper adds that not only can the whole structure be assembled and operational in 90 days, it is perfect for the oilfield because it can be completely removed from an area with zero impact to the environment.
“These buildings can stand for five months or 15 years,” states Cooper. “When they are no longer needed, they can be removed without leaving a footprint and reassembled elsewhere. In six months, no one would know we were ever there.”
Construction for this new Alexander development, called the Shut Eye Hotel, was started in late October, 2012, and according to Cooper, due to its modular design style it will be fully operational by the middle of January.
“The live-in manager and his wife will arrive toward mid-December and we are looking at an opening date around the first part of January,” Cooper states.
According to Chauhan, the concept has been used in Europe for years, but is just now being discovered in the United States. Should the concept work in Alexander, Cooper states that is could be the first of many in the Bakken for Banyan Investment Group.
To inquire about the Shut Eye Hotel concept or the new property in North Dakota, call 701-400-3098 or visit the www.shuteyehotel.com website.