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Adding the finishing touches

Posted 9/29/10 (Wed)

By Tina Foreman
Farmer Staff Writer

When a new home is being built, it’s a great accomplishment when it is ready to move in to, but at that point the work is often far from over. Once the structure is complete, the focus changes to the home’s surroundings, an area that is usually left in shambles from the recent construction work.
For Creekside Cottages in Watford City, this past weekend was their time to focus on the area surrounding its units. The Lutheran Social Services Housing Project was complete or ready for tenants a year ago. However, the 12 twin homes or 24 rental units were not complete until this past weekend when volunteers helped landscaping around the homes.
“All of the cottages are filled and the road has been paved,” says JoLynn Pelton, Creekside Cottages property site manager. “So we decided that the time had come to make these houses into homes.”
In an effort to keep down the cost, LSS asked tenants and volunteers to help with the planting, and in true Watford City style, they weren’t let down.
“We had between 25 and 30 volunteers who planted 24 trees and 170 shrubs,” adds Pelton. “It was a beautiful day and we were very thankful for all of the volunteers that came out to help.”
With the trees and shrubs in place, the final stage of the project will be completed this week when a landscape company comes in and hydro-seeds the property for grass.
“The work is done and it looks great,” states Pelton. “Now it’s up to the tenants to water and take care of their yards”
In addition to the satisfaction of making Watford City a beautiful place, volunteers were also treated to drawings for gift cards from local businesses.
“The volunteers didn’t expect anything, but it sure was nice to have something to give them,” adds Pelton. “We greatly appreciate all of the businesses who donated and the volunteers who helped with the planting.”