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Badlands Gymnastics perform in ‘Night of Stars’ on Friday

If you’re looking for some great flips and good entertainment then you won’t want to miss the 22nd annual Badlands Gymnastics Club’s ‘Night of Stars,’ which will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 9 in the Watford City High School Gymnasium.

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Underage drinking subject of Town Hall Meeting

Underage drinking is a big problem in McKenzie County and the McKenzie County Community Coalition (MC3) wants your help in resolving this problem.

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School board candidates needed

Now that the weather is finally beginning to feel like spring, it won’t be long before the time to vote during this summer’s June Primary Election is here too. An election that area school boards hope they’re ready for.

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Two companies begin developing industrial parks

The need for work coupled with Watford City’s need for housing and commercial space has led two companies to begin construction on the outskirts of Watford City.

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County Commissioners look to regulate wind farms

Wind is nothing new to McKenzie County. But harvesting that wind is, and last week’s Wind Energy Meeting was the first step in bringing wind harvesting information to the people of McKenzie County.

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Calving off to a good start

With spring comes calving season, and while some McKenzie County producers haven’t started yet, those that have say that so far, things are going well, especially when you compare this year to last.

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State Water Commission approves funding to bring Missouri River water to McKenzie County

Commission allocates $3.5 million to help bring water into county to serve growing oil industry

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Oil expert: 2010 will be a monster year

With oil prices sitting close to the $80 mark and above, North Dakota saw the number of active rigs surpass 100 for the first time since February 1982. As of Monday, March 15, there were 19 rigs drilling in McKenzie County.

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Looking at wind energy

Anyone living in North Dakota knows that the state’s weather can at times be rather undesirable, especially when the wind is blowing. However, there are many people willing to not only live with the unfavorable wind, but also use the wind to their advantage. An advantage that is noticeable by the state’s changing landscape as wind turbines sprout up throughout the state.

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Schools can handle growing number of students for now

With an increase in businesses and a shortage of housing, it’s no secret that McKenzie County is growing. While a growing community is a good problem to have, it can make things difficult if you’re trying to plan for the future.

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Figure Skating Club’s “Got Talent”

America’s Got Talent is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for a top prize of $1 million. Although Watford City Figure Skating Club’s Got Talent participants won’t be vying for $1 million, the audience is sure to be wowed by the group’s amazing skating performances.

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Continental Resources spuds its first Eco-Pad location in McKenzie County

As the price of oil stabilizes in the $70 to $80 range, McKenzie County continues to be a hotbed of oil drilling activity. Especially for Continental Resources, an Enid, Okla.-based company, which is now drilling its first well in McKenzie County using a new concept.

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Love of hunting leads brothers to new opportunity

ong before they were old enough to hunt, Vaughn and Dustin Anderson of Watford City tagged along with their dad, Dennis, on his hunting adventures. As the boys got older and began getting their own licenses, their love for hunting continued to grow.

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Healthcare providers still encouraging residents to get H1N1 shot

Flu season typically peaks in March, and although the panic surrounding the H1N1 virus has settled due to widespread vaccinations and a slowdown in cases, some medical professionals don’t think we’ve seen the last of the virus.

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Voters to be asked to change city’s water suppy source

Water is a basic necessity of life, something that every individual is entitled to. However, quality and availability of water varies from one area to the next, something residents of Watford City are familiar with. But, an upcoming vote could start the process to change that for good. Watford City residents will be asked to vote, in the upcoming June election, on the issue of receiving water from the Missouri River.

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Company finds what it likes in Watford City

With increased interest and drilling into the Bakken and Three Forks formations, residents of McKenzie County have become accustomed to seeing oil field businesses and families moving into the area. However, in addition to oil field workers, the boom has also brought construction companies to the area for temporary work, with one company deciding to make Watford City its new home.

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Archery Club to host annual 3-D Indoor Tournament

The Watford City Civic Center is home to many sporting events throughout the year, but none as unique as the one being held there this coming weekend. The McKenzie County Archery Club (MCAC) will host its annual Indoor 3-D Archery Tournament this Saturday and Sunday.

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Game and Fish thins bighorn sheep herd

Driving through the Badlands south of Watford City is a scenic drive made even more enjoyable by the opportunity to see one of North Dakota’s few bighorn sheep along the route.

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Healthcare Systems to offer visiting nurse services for Medicare patients

When most people need medical attention, they make an appointment and go to the clinic. However, for some people, it’s not always that simple because they aren’t able to get themselves to the clinic when needed. McKenzie County Healthcare Systems is hopeful its new program will change that.

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More accidents lead to more stress on volunteers

One minute, they’re playing with their kids or sitting down to a nice meal with their family. The next, they’re rushing in an ambulance or fire truck to an accident where they’ll be responsible for treating wounds and saving lives.

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