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More judges needed in NW Judicial District

In the Northwest Judicial District (NWJD), only two judges preside over an ever-increasing caseload in the rapidly-growing McKenzie, Williams and Divide counties.

Posted 4/24/13 (Wed)read more »

DOT moving forward with U.S. 85 plans

Four-laning of highway, bypass of Watford City to begin this summer

Posted 4/24/13 (Wed)read more »

More time for students

School District adds extra class period to each day

Posted 4/24/13 (Wed)read more »

County leads state in oil production

McKenzie County leads state in production of natural gas

Posted 4/24/13 (Wed)read more »

City, county leaders devastated by Senate cuts

Hope is that $417 million for oil-impacted ambulances, law enforcement, city and county will be restored

Posted 4/17/13 (Wed)read more »

Spring not here yet!

Storm dumps upward of 14” of snow across portions of McKenzie County

Posted 4/17/13 (Wed)read more »

Costly road work

County to spend $30 million to fix County Road 16

Posted 4/17/13 (Wed)read more »

City prods electric suppliers to reach service agreement

MDU, McKenzie Electric have until April 24 to create area service agreement

Posted 4/17/13 (Wed)read more »

Foundation to funnel donations to school district

Watford City High School Alumni Scholarship Fund and the North Dakota Community Foundation to funnel donations to school district

Posted 4/11/13 (Thu)read more »

County leads state in traffic fatalities

Nine people have died in vehicle accidents since beginning of the year

Posted 4/10/13 (Wed)read more »

Watford third grader is city’s “Mayor for a Day”

Being the mayor of Watford City is not easy for many reasons. But perhaps the job would be easier without the constraints of adult life and adult rules.

Posted 4/10/13 (Wed)read more »

Funding, roads top forum topics

Taking care of the immediate needs of the state, as well as providing additional state funding for oil-impacted counties in northwestern North Dakota are the two main issues facing the North Dakota Legislature this session.

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Dealing with tons of trash

County landfill sees collections jump from 20 tons/day to 350 tons/day

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Doing more with less

Use of pad wells allow oil companies to drill more wells with fewer rigs

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

Fire site closed due to possible contamination

State finds cyanide present at site

Posted 4/03/13 (Wed)read more »

County zone plan approved

New zoning ordinances will become effective April 26

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

Watford City property owners to see increase in taxable values

With property values escalating in Watford City so are taxable valuations

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

New Census numbers don’t tell us much

City, county officials say lag in data results in misleading numbers

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

A most unexpected gift

Holms donate $100,000 to ambulance service

Posted 3/27/13 (Wed)read more »

Squeezing in one more classroom

With the number of projected students entering the Watford City Elementary School hitting the highest numbers in recent history, the McKenzie County School District No. 1 school board has decided that it has to try to squeeze one more classroom into a new addition that is scheduled to open this fall.

Posted 3/20/13 (Wed)read more »