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Two new natural gas processing plants should open soon

Along with its richness in oil, the Bakken Formation is also producing a large amount of natural gas, much of which is being burnt off due to a lack of infrastructure. Two area companies hope to begin collecting some of that natural gas when their new gas plants go on-line in May, 2011.

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City Council identifies site of potential Highway 85 bypass

While the final decision as to whether or not there will be a bypass built around Watford City to accommodate the increased traffic on U.S. Highway 85 may be years in the future, the Watford City City Council wants the North Dakota Dept. of Transportation to know that the city has identified a possible route.

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A land of opportunity

Changes in the economy have led many people to relocate in search of work, and the heavy oil activity in the McKenzie County has made this area a popular place for individuals and families looking for a better opportunity.

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First Lutheran Church to perform Easter Cantata

For many, Easter is all about dying eggs, filling Easter baskets and Easter Egg Hunts. For others, it goes beyond the bright-colored eggs and seasonal candy. If you’re looking for some good entertainment and a reminder of why we celebrate Easter, the First Lutheran Church Choir’s Easter Cantata is a great opportunity for you.

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Housing continues to be a top priority

Watford City, like other communities in western North Dakota, continues to struggle with housing, especially the lack of housing, a problem that many people, including housing developers, hope that spring weather will soon help them to combat.

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Calving season is off to a cold and wet start

Spring is here whether it feels like it or not. And in McKenzie County, with spring comes calving.

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Gymnasts to host ‘Night of Stars’

If you’re looking for some great entertainment with a few flips and kicks in it, then you won’t want to miss the 23rd annual Badlands Gymnastics Club’s ‘Night of Stars,’ which will be held at 6 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 in the Watford City High School Gymnasium.

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Ranchers, state plead with Forest Service to resolve issues

For most of the past 60 years the U.S. Forest Service, which administers over one million acres of land of the National Grasslands in North Dakota, and the ranchers that graze cattle on these lands, have worked together cooperatively to ensure the health of the public land is maintained while allowing cattlemen to maintain their livelihoods.

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A winter that just won’t end

Spring blizzards are not uncommon in North Dakota, something Mother Nature reminded us of during the first week of spring.

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$860,000 grant allows hospital to add new services

During a medical emergency, time is of the essence, and being the largest county in the state makes getting anywhere fast a challenge in McKenzie County. Which is why telehealth services are a prefect fit for the McKenzie County Healthcare Systems (MCHS).

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2010 census puts Watford’s population at 1,744 people

Driven by western North Dakota’s recent oil boom, the state’s population rose by 4.7 percent during the last 10 years, and McKenzie County’s population rose 10.9 percent during that decade to 6,360 people.

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Oil well fire north of Arnegard finally capped

After burning for nearly two weeks, an oil well fire located north of Arnegard was extinguished on Friday.

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Olson stepping down as County Auditor

After 20 years in office, the time had come for Frances Olson, McKenzie County Auditor to retire. “I came into the position with the hopes that I would be here for 20 years,” says Olson

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Svihovec appointed County Auditor

Following a meeting in regular session on Friday, March 18, the McKenzie County Board of Commissioners has appointed Linda Svihovec to fill the position of McKenzie County Auditor until the General Election of November, 2012. The effective date of the appointment is April 1, 2011.

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City to move forward with infrastructure improvements

While the North Dakota Legislature is still debating how much funding will be made available to oil-impacted communities, such as Watford City, for infrastructure improvement assistance, the Watford City City Council decided on Monday evening that the city needed to continue pressing forward with plans to expand city water and sewer service into newly annexed areas.

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Spring storm strands motorists

High winds and snow left many McKenzie County travelers stranded either in a town or on the highway on Friday.

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Well goes up in flames

Shortly after 9 a.m. Monday, a sky filled with billowing black smoke had Arnegard residents and area emergency personnel on alert.

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More improvements coming to U.S. Highway 85

More passing lanes and a widened roadway are all on tap for U.S. Highway 85 this summer as the North Dakota Dept. of Transportation (DOT) finalizes plans for improving the highway between Watford City and Williston.

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N.D. House approves bill for rural water to McKenzie County

Many McKenzie County residents are still waiting for rural water to run through their faucets, but if the Legislature passes HB 1206, the water could be flowing a lot sooner.

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City Council terminates city engineer

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