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Posted 7/28/10 (Wed)

My mother, Senator Jerry Meyer, passed away on Thursday. I wrote this poem to somewhat eulogize her.
Thanks, Dean

I was driving across Nebraska,
Listening to a country song,
When Gayle called to tell me
It was over, you were gone.
We knew that it was coming,
We’d known it had to come,
But like all kids before us
You know you can’t lose Mom.

My voice became choked,
And I couldn’t answer the call.
I no longer heard the radio
And silent tears began to fall.

I drove through the Sandhills,
Although I don’t remember much,
I guess I passed some hayfields
And cows and calves and such.

But I was back at Berthold,
Playing games out on the farm
And running to you when I was hurt
To be assured there was no harm.

I was playing basketball and
Looking for you up in the crowd.
And if by chance I scored a point
I knew you would be cheering loud.

I was at the Blaisdell Rodeo,
When a bareback horse knocked me out
You climbed the arena fence,
And embarrassed us both no doubt.

I was in the state capital
Watching with pride on the Senate floor,
When you stood and declared
“Women would work for less no more!”

You taught us right from wrong,
And to speak for those that could not.
You taught us to honor our word
And to fight battles that need fought.

Maybe sometimes we’ve stumbled
Maybe sometimes we’ve been wrong
But you were always there to support us
We’re going to miss you, Mom.